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Leadership development training

Leadership development training

Leadership development training program for Supervisors, Managers and Business Owners.

The main leadership development training modules for members of this club.

The training manuals listed here on this page can increase the speed of job promotion for anyone, who takes the necessary actions of joining and studying.

1. Leadership development training modules in Microsoft Presentations:

  • How to compile a business plan.
  • How to control stock levels.
  • How to do a job description professionally.
  • How to do annual budgeting.
  • How to do performance appraisals.
  • How to do strategic planning.
  • How to identify performance indicators.
  • How to motivate capital professionally.
  • How to solve problems with Ishikawa.
  • Project planning and execution techniques for large projects.
  • How to implement short interval control.
  • Understanding human behaviour in the workplace.

2. Leadership development short course training modules in PDF training manuals:

  • A professional approach to CV’s and cover letters.
  • Change management.
  • Conflict management.
  • All about delegation.
  • Destructive versus constructive motivation.
  • All about integrity.
  • Job interviewing process.
  • Leadership styles.
  • Participative management.
  • Possibility thinking techniques.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Strategic planning.
  • How to streamline a system.
  • Tackling problems creatively.
  • Team building.
  • The hierarchical differentiation of management work and functions.
  • The relationship between creativity and attitude.
  • Advanced leadership development.
  • Workplace productivity and safety.
  • The integrated performance management blueprint.
  • Strategic planning as analysis and improvement process for all types of organisations.
  • The science of conducting effective meetings.
  • Model for running a business in the corporate world as blueprint for chief executives, senior managers and middle managers.
  • Interviewer skills for managers and supervisors.
  • Team leadership principles and traits to fulfil team leadership roles and responsibilities, with emphasis on: 
  1. Leadership in general terms.
  2. The eleven minimum best leadership development essentials.
  3. The eleven minimum best team leadership principles.
  4. The minimum best leadership personality traits to aspire for.
  5. The eleven commandments of empathy.
  6. Choose the best of the following three different types of motivation.
  7. Leadership and management roles and responsibilities of all employees.
  8. The seven benefits of active listening.
  9. Performance appraisals.

The course is acclaimed as more efficient, effective and productive than other team leadership courses.

This is the magic missing link, for faster job promotion, most people discover too late in their career lives. They have a blindspot for this reality in the workplace around them.

A graduate qualification alone is not a guarantee for job promotion. One must also be proficient in human engineering (knowledge of factors, which make humans tick). That is precisely what this course on Team leadership, will give one.

3. Leadership development training modules in Microsoft Spreadsheet calculation models:

  • Aggregate logistics planning for scheduling delivery of incoming raw material and consumer goods.
  • Amortisation for calculation of present values, outstanding debt and future values.
  • Break-even analysis for calculation of break-even turnover and break-even for various profit levels.
  • Cash flow projection for a rolling 12 month period.
  • Customer service efficiency, measuring service levels for job cards, deliveries and purchases.
  • Equipment replacement for calculation of economic replacement point in time.

These calculation models are examples of how to apply sound financial, mathematical, statistical and interest rate theories to real life work situations.

4. Leadership development training modules on essential financial knowledge in PDF training manuals:

  • Accounting principles.
  • Assessing financial performance.
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Interpretation of financial statements.
  • Reading of a balance sheet.

Understanding these financial principles and techniques are recommended for non-accountant business owners, entrepreneurs and other persons, who may need it, but do not yet have the required insights, such as municipal councilors and persons involved in financial job activities.

5. Absolute best specials on the planet for our members:

  • As a man thinketh with audios
  • The ultimate audio collection of 76 most uplifting and inspiring messages
  • 8 Dale Carnegie audios on how to win friends and influence people
  • 1 Audio and e-book by Dale Carnegie himself on How to win friends and influence people
  • Dale Carnegie e-books and slides
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad workshop 60 minutes video
  • Best on integrity
  • The art and science of personal magnetism
  • The Dale Carnegie course on “The art of public speaking”, with 50 audios, which we are selling for $295.00 elsewhere on our website.

Leadership development consists of the following:

1. Conscious efforts of character building through self-induced ideals, based on high ethical and moral values, which shines through as part of one’s psychological make-up. It can start from a young age as a continuous process.

2. Learning scientifically researched and proven analysis and decision making techniques like strategic planning and team leadership principles, to improve leadership expertise for successful direction and result outcomes through a group of people. It is also a continuous process.

The page for access to all the training modules above, is through membership on this page.

Download our PDF information brochure titled “Leadership development for Supervisors, Managers and Business Owners Brochure”, so you can also read it from your hard drive in your own time. Just click the image below:

Leadership development for supervisors, managers and business owners brochure

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