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Faster and flatter communication

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Posted by: | Posted on: Feb 3, 2018

Faster and flatter communication

Faster and flatter communication on a cloud platform

Do a search for “benefits of cloud” and see what comes up in an internet search.

Here are some uses of cloud storage:

  • Store files
  • Deploy software
  • Deploy websites
  • Deploy products
  • Deploy communication
  • Sharing of information to any location on earth with an internet connection.

No matter how flat or steep the hierarchy levels of organisations or businesses are, a cloud platform can provide faster and flatter communication to people, who are destined to see and use the information.

That is also why armies are using it for faster warfare actions based on new information about any enemies they may have to confront.

Here is a simple example of how a business can use it for faster information sharing to initiate faster corrective actions. The example with the billboard images below is about departmental performance management control reports. It can be in the form of slides, videos, audios, combinations of those or even PDF files. It can also be in the form of ongoing text messaging between different people or groups.

Company quarterly performance report:

Company quarterly performance report

Department monthly production report:

Department monthly performance report

Sections weekly performance reports:

Sections weekly performance reports

Sections daily process performance reports:

Sections daily process performance reports

3 Shift milling process 8 hour reports:

3 Shift milling process 8 hour reports

3 Shift blending process 8 hour reports:

3 Shift blending process 8 hour reports

3 Shift packaging process 8 hour reports:

3 Shift packaging process 8 hour reports

Next department monthly production report:

Next department monthly production report