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Performance excellence training

We provide members with training guides to coach and mentor them into torchbearers for workplace performance excellence.

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Are you perhaps in need of real magic in your life as an individual, a professional, a business owner or a person in a position of authority?


Most adverse situations can normally be rectified with the wisdom inside one of the following scientifically developed methodology tools:

  • Strategic planning methodology.
  • Industrial psychology methodology.
  • Creative thinking methodology; and
  • Our self-propelled service delivery methodology.

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When we take a look inside an organisation, in fact any type of organisation and the human beings inside the organisation and analyze the human interactions that occur, we can quickly identify two distinct types of interactions. When we take the analysis a bit further and isolate only the work related interactions from all other types of interactions, it can be grouped into two classifications:

  1. Internal interactions; and
  2. external interactions.

Internal interactions mean human beings inside the same organisations structure are having work related interactions with other human beings inside the same organisation structure.

External interactions on the other hand refer to human beings inside an organisation structure, who are also having work related interactions with human beings in other organisation structures, outside of own organisation structures.

When these internal and external interactions are further analysed, we soon come to realise that the work related interactions can be baptised as “internal service rendering” of one person to another and “external service rendering” from a person in one organisation structure to a person in another organisation structure.

We can thus conclude that working human beings have internal and/or external customers, who are in need of their work efforts. The output efforts of one employee becomes an input for another internal or external employee. The work end results of one person is going to another person, who must use it. A higher usability quality of that end result, will simultaneously cause higher customer satisfaction and happiness.

Why else are human beings in existence? Why are we human beings here on planet earth? We are here to serve each other, in the best way we possibly can. Why don’t we always follow this same principle at work?

Am I in a job or profession to serve myself or to serve others?

What are the consequences for each of these two choices?


Every action in nature has an opposite and equal reaction. Every move that we make stimulates a consequence; it is up to us to determine what the price of that consequence will be. Not all consequences are bad. The flowers grow as a consequence of the rain coming down and the sun coming out. That is not a negative consequence. On the other hand, some consequences come at a very high price. Those consequences carry many negative effects.

The same is true regarding the laws of attraction. If you follow the laws they will help you to find gratification (perhaps even happiness) beyond your wildest dreams; however, there is a price to pay for breaking them, and it is not a price that many are willing to pay. This is not as simple as a weekend spent in jail or picking up litter from the side of the road; the consequences for breaking the rules of attraction will follow you throughout the course of your life.

Listed below you will find the negative consequences associated with breaking the laws of attraction.

  • You grow old, fat and bald alone
  • You will have a gang of Hell’s Angels chasing you across the countryside
  • You will find yourself married and raising a family in Backwater, Kansas following a shotgun wedding
  • You will be out of a job and a reference (particularly if you decided to break in the boss’s desk)
  • You will find yourself tossed in the brig prior to your court martial
  • You will have an irate husband (or wife) stalking you
  • You will find yourself king or queen of a small country in the middle of the South Pacific – with no other inhabitants (think Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • You will be humiliated with tales of your own escapades every time you mistakenly choose to spend a weekend with family and friends
  • You will no longer be invited to spend Friday nights at Happy Hour
  • You will no longer be invited to any of the office parties
  • You may end up sleeping in a barn rather than in the warmth of the house – and your own bed
  • You will never again be able to walk into your favorite restaurant with your head erect
  • You will never be able to look any of your friends in the eye again
  • You will not be able to remain friends with your old friends – it would just be too weird
  • There will be strange men and women calling your home at all hours
  • There will be strange packages left on your stoop – daily
  • You may find yourself on the business end of a boot or a 9 mm

Wanted dead or alive image These are only a small portion of the consequences which may be extracted for daring to violate the laws of attraction. Okay, so chances are that if you happen to take a misstep or two along the way you will not find yourself in any of these extraordinarily unpleasant situations; however, the possibility does exist. It is essential that you carefully weigh the possibilities before entering the ring. It all depends in which country you find yourself.

For instance, South Africa can nowadays be regarded as “the old wild west”, where gun slinging has become a national sport.

It is all very simple and easy without any complications and within the grasp of all human beings. Maybe we just need someone to show us the way forward.

It is, however, advisable to choose early in life, before secondary and tertiary education, whether one wants to follow a career as employee or entrepreneur.

Click the e-book image below to read the amazing revelations in a PDF file:

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Explanatory description of a best system

“Encourage and empower subordinates to empower yourself!”

“Try to serve until the end of time.”

Membership ensures the following:


Just imagine what the training above can mean for your future career life!

We are also conscious of the fact that most adults also have a second full-time career of being a parent.  Therefore members will also have access to several products making life easier for parents.

We also provide products covering the topics of ethics, morality and integrity.

The training manual e-guide titled ” Workplace conqueror” is the latest addition for members:

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Workplace conqueror:

This product alone, on its own, is worth at least ten times the cost of membership.

Who will help you in your career if you don’t help yourself? Formal education may give you employment, but self-education will make you rich! To be captain of your ship and master of your destiny, you have to grab life by the horns and steer it your way, before it becomes too late as a lost chance in life.

Learn how to transform any person or group into high performance and build your career on that success. Once you have mastered this, you can become the star in your organisation and attract job opportunities like a fly trap attracts flies.

We will show you step by step with examples, how to implement the self-propelled performance process and how to make it work for you personally, for a section, for a department and for a whole organisation. If you implement this technique, you will be on your way to stardom in your organisation. This Workplace conqueror e-guide opens the door to rapid work performance excellence.

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We try to serve our fellow humans by conveying and sharing intellectual wisdom gathered over a lifetime of ongoing study, research, experience and never-ending learning.

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Quote by Ayn Rand in 1957:

  • “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion;
  • when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing;
  • when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors;
  • when you see that men get richer by graft and pull rather than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you;
  • when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed.”

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