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How to become a professional horse trainer.

Learn the secrets of traditional Western Cowboy trainers.

Take your love of horses to the next level.

What do you know about training a horse?

Discover The Secrets to Becoming A Horse Trainer!

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Never Before Revealed Information! It will enable anyone with the desire to train horses on a part-time basis as a hobby or to do it as a full-time career.

You have wanted a horse for years, but didn’t have a place to keep it. Now you have the land and you want to buy a horse or maybe you have already bought the horse, you just don’t know anything about training a horse. You don’t know where to start and you don’t want to hire a trainer because you want to be a big part of the training.
You are wondering if you have to go to school to learn to train a horse or do you learn from watching videos or even by just reading a book. Will a book tell you everything you need to know? For that matter will a video give you all the ins and outs of training a horse?

You know a little about riding, but those horses were already trained. You have never even been around an untrained horse. How hard can it be? You love animals and you love horses and horseback riding. You have plenty of room for a horse now. You talked to a trainer about training a horse, but he won’t let you be there while he is training the horse. You really want to be in on the training. So the only solution you can think of is to train the horse yourself. You have to learn but you can do it. It shouldn’t be that hard. You will have to do some reading up on the subject, maybe even several books and there are probably videos too you can watch.

So that is it you are going to find you a horse to buy. You about how much a horse will cost you. You know about how much it will cost to feed them for a year. Of course they need shots and checking out with a vet. You have even thought of that and know how much that will cost. When you called that vet to ask for advice, he said he would go with you to help you pick out the horse, so that you will get the right horse for you.

The only cost will be the cost of checking out the horse. He should be able to tell me if the horse is in good health before I buy it. Don’t want to buy a horse that is going to run up a ton of money in vet charges. This will work out well. Of course there is still the matter of training a horse.

Training Your Own Horse…

You can learn how to teach your horse to back up, load on a trailer and how to be a good riding horse. If you have the time and the patience, you can train your own horse to be a good riding horse. The key to training your horse is to understanding how horses think.

How are you going to learn how horses think? Horses can’t tell you what they think anymore that a dog or cat can tell you what they think. I don’t have to hire a horse whisperer do I? So where do you find all of this information.

Horse training – The Beginner’s Guide to becoming a Horse Trainer:

Beginners' guide to training wild horses e-guide e-cover

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This guide is a wealth of information about horse training. You will learn about your horse and how to train him to be a good riding horse. If you have never trained a horse you will want to read this guide.
With this book you will learn to understand your horse and how your horse thinks. This will help you understand why horses are the way they are, and why they think the way they do. You will learn to teach your horse the things you want him to know. First you will learn to teach him to obey you and to look to you for instructions. You will need lots of patience when it comes to training a horse. It won’t be easy, but you can do it.

Teach Your Horse Whose the Lead Mare

1) You want your horse to think you are the lead mare. Then he will look to you for instructions. There is a way you can get your horse to think of you as the lead mare. As your horses lead mare, he will follow you and wait for you to tell him where to go.
2) You can train your horse to go in the direction you need him to go. You will train him on stopping. You will train him to go forward, turn right and to turn left.
Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

How Much Is That Worth To You?

With this guide you can have your horse trained in no time. You will need lots of time and patience when training a horse, but this book will help you avoid making mistakes that you will have to undo and retrain your horse. The key to training your horse is understanding how the horse thinks and by using that knowledge to your advantage. You never want to abuse the knowledge, but you can use the knowledge to your advantage. Once you understand your horse you will be able to train him to do what you want him to do.

I am sure there are fancier hardbacks out there on the market with big colorful pictures, however the information you will get inside of this “Horse Training” guide is practical information that anyone can use successfully.

This guide is not marketed towards the rich or the poor, it is marketed for anyone who wants to be able to become a horse trainer. How much is that worth to you? I know; “Priceless”.

If you’re not totally thrilled with the”Horse Training” guide for whatever reason at all, simply send me an email and I’ll cheerfully refund 100% your money with the click of a button.

You’ve got a full 90 days to try out the material. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee I like to adopt.

Is that fair or what?

Look at it this way – $9.97 really is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you can save yourself…

Best bonus of the decade. Look at what the buyer also get as a fat bonus:

All about horses handbook (118 Pages):

Beginners guide to training wild horses e-guide e-cover

All About Horses handbook comes as a bonus for own private use only, as I am the copyright holder.

This is the most comprehensive handbook on horses one can ever hope to get.

This E-book is for serious horse trainers!
Table of contents is made up of five parts, as follows:
Part 1 – The Art of Taming and Training Wild Horses, with 32 chapters written by an expert on the subject
Part 2 – Additional horse training guidance, with 13 chapters
Part 3 – Horse care and cures, with 46 chapters
Part 4 – Equestrian, with 22 chapters
Part 5 – Horse racing and horse betting system, with 26 chapters

Part 1 – The Art of Taming and Training Wild Horses:

The three fundamental principles of my theory
How to succeed in getting the colt from pasture
How to stable a colt without trouble
Time to reflect
The kind of halter
Remarks on the horse
Experiments with the robe
Suppositions on the sense of smelling
Prevailing opinion of horsemen
Powel’s system of approaching the colt
Remarks on Powel’s treatment how to govern horses of any kind
How to proceed if your horse is of a stubborn disposition
How to halter and lead the colt
How to lead a colt by the side of a broken horse
How to lead a colt into the stable and hitch him without having him pull on the halter
The kind of bit and how to accustom a horse to it
How to saddle a colt
How to mount the colt
How to ride the colt
The proper way to bit a colt
How to drive a horse that is very wild and has any vicious habit
On balking
To break a horse to harness
How to hitch a horse in a sulky
How to make a horse lie down
How to make a horse follow you
How to make a horse stand without holding
Process of causing a horse to lay down
Means of learning a horse to pace
Indication of a horse’s disposition

Part 2 – Additional horse training guidance:

Tips on Buying a Horse
Mistakes Horse Owners Make
Tips for Beginning Trainers
Secret to Training Your Horse
Training the Horse to Know Voice Commands
Get Your Horse to Obey and Look to You for Instructions
Lead Training
Leading Your Horse to Get Control
Another Method of Loading a Horse in a Trailer
Mistakes Horse Owners Often Make When Loading Their Horse
Use Horse Training to Solve a Problem With Your Horse
Teaching Your Horse Longer Sliding Stops

Part 3 – Horse care and cures:

Basic Horse Nutrition
So, You Want To Buy A Horse – What Do You Need To Know?
To Bran Mash Or Not To Bran Mash
What To Watch For Buying A Horse At Auction
Snug The Girth Up Tight – or Not?
Looking For That Perfect (Cheap) Saddle
Horse Language
Hot Weather Cool Downs for Your Horse
Picking the Feet Up for the Farrier
Read The Feed Bag Tag
Arthritis and the Older Horse
Arthritis and the Older Horse – Remedies
Care For Your Older Equine
Care For Your Older Equine – Part Two
Eating Manure – Natural or Not?
Equine Flu or Allergies?
Equine Parasites
Lunging/Longeing – Part One
Lunging/Longeing – Part Two
Lunging/Longeing – Part Three
Lunging/Longeing – Part Four
Sacking Out – Part One
Sacking Out – Part Two
Sacking Out – Part Three
Sacking Out – Part Four
Cure for colic
Cure for the bots
Cure for distemper
Cure for long fever
Rheumatic liniment
Cuts and wounds of all kinds
Sprains and swellings
For glanders
Saddle or collar liniment
Liniment to set the stifle joint on a horse
Eye water
Liniment for windgalls, strains and growth of lumps on man or horse
Horse powder
For cuts or wounds on horse or man
Oil for collars
Sore and scummed eyes on horses
For a bruised eye
Poll-evil or fistula
For the fersey
To make the hair grow on man or beast
Cure for the heaves

Part 4 – Equestrian:

Equestrians: More Than Just Horse Riders
Equestrian Colleges: The Place To Start A Career
Equestrian Careers: How To Find The Right Path For You
Equestrian Employment: Where Can You Be Good At?
United States Equestrian Federation: A Brief Review
Elements Of A Good Equestrian College Program
All About Equestrian Jewellery
Buying Equestrian Decors And Clocks
Finding The Best Equestrian Gifts
Equestrian Clothing: Body Or Back Protectors
Kicked In The Head: The Equestrian Helmet
Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge
Equestrian Products: Horse Blankets
Men Love Equestrian Events
Equestrian Singles – Where To Meet Them
Getting Great Equestrian Books
Insights On How To Buy The Proper Equestrian Boots
Brighten Up Any Room With Equestrian Home Décor
Horse Walker As Equestrian Equipment
Riding Hats: Safety Guaranteed
Equestrian Supplies: The Horse Grooming Kit
Equestrian Christmas Cards: Quick Steps On How To Do Them

Part 5 – Horse racing and horse betting system:

It All Lies in the Attitude – Guidelines for Choosing Barrel Horse Racing Sale
What is Barrel Horse Racing and Common Problems Encountered
Horse Racing: Want to Bet on It?
The Factors that Affect Horse Racing Betting Odds
The Pros and Cons of Horse Racing Betting Online
Horse Racing Betting System Essentials
Betting on Horse Racing: From Traditional to Technological
Features of Horse Racing Computer Games Today
Learning from ESPN Horse Racing Index
Various Forms of Horse Racing
How a Horse Racing Forum can Help You
Online Horse Racing Games: Some issues
Love this Horse Racing Game!
Horse Racing Throughout the History
Against All “Horse Racing” Odds
Advantages of Online Horse Racing
A Guide for Philippine Horse Racing Aficionados
Guide to Betting Horse Racing
Betting Using Horse Racing Selection Systems
Interpretations: Different Types of Horse Racing Software
Various Forms of Thoroughbred Horse Racing
Horse Racing Tips from Those Who Have Been There and Done It
History of Horse Racing in UK
Why People Look for Horse Racing Videos
Are You Ready for Some Horse Racing Action?
Horse betting system

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