Backward decay of South Africa

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Going from bad to worse for South Africa

All aspects of life in South Africa have deteriorated from that of a developing country to that of a third world country, over the past 24 years of rule under the ANC.

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What path is the once beautiful and beloved country going to take? Somewhere better, or down the drain like some other African countries or down the drain like most South African Government Departments, from 1994 to 2018?

Here below is the ugly truth of farm murders in Limpopo province only:

Limpopo Province farm murders image

See this video of a tragic case of murder in South Africa, which is a daily occurrence:

Over a period of 24 years local government institutions like municipalities, have constantly failed in providing services and dismally failed in financial management and performance. Yet over this period nothing has been done by the ANC party to rectify the job requirements for municipal board members, who are supposed to act like board members in the private sector.

In 24 years of rule, the ANC could not identify and rectify the reasons for failure of service delivery by local municipalities. All that must be corrected is to impose qualification standards for councilors.

The ANC members like to boast about ESCOM performing so good that power cuts are no longer taking place, but in reality demand went down to below capacity, due to higher tariffs.

Unemployment is at the highest ever with more than 31% and a further 130 000 job losses for 2018 already by October 2018. When will the ANC ever start to improve it?

Was the ANC Indaba in Polokwane in 2007 a failure because of a wrong choice for President? One cannot expect more from someone who hasn’t seen the inside of a school!

Over the years the bail-out money wasted on the financial survival of the SA Airways could have provided houses for all shack dwellers in the country. The ANC is running more than 200 of these type of Government organisations, so, the question is: “What is the grand total of money wasted on Government controlled organisations?

Is there one single National, Provincial or Local Government Department, which out-performed its supposed goals or where no corruption took place?

Is there one single National, Provincial or Local Government Department, which is not overloaded with manpower?

Was there one single National, Provincial or Local Government Department, which strictly appointed employees on the basis of competency requirements and potential?

It seems that the ANC at one stage thought unemployment could be alleviated by creating unnecessary job titles in Government and State Owned Organisations.

In the recent Parliament debate on transformation of land ownership without compensation, most black speakers conveyed immaturity by allowing hatred toward whites to overshadow logical wisdom.

How can there ever be an ideal of a rainbow nation while the ANC is doing all it can to shoot themselves in the foot with low moral values?

When Minister Trevor Manual tried to install a Performance Management System for Government Organisations, he was ousted out of Government.

What positive outcomes were ever achieved by President Zuma? What image is conveyed when a President of a country declares that “Corruption is a strange Western thing”.

Education is for the birds – just be streetwise, like President Zuma and his inner circle cronies!

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How does the ANC as a party evaluate its success over more than 24 years? Why don’t they use more competent black persons, who are available but ignored?

What is there that can make any South African citizen proud (brimming with pride)?

Why is Julius Malema employing whites?

Why is it necessary for Parliamentary enquiry commissions to replace law enforcement duties of relevant Departments?

What was the true reason for installing the automatic electronic toll gate system in Gauteng, in addition to the existing toll gates? It reminds one of the notorious arms deal in the 90’s. The electronic toll system is receiving heavy resistance due to suspicions of corruption associated with it.

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The ANC party definitely performed exceptionally well in increasing poverty and unemployment. They have not used the opportunity afforded them for more than 24 years to prove to the people of the country any form of improvement.

It is only through the ANC Government where an employee can go on permanent leave with full payment for months and years on end (they call it suspension).

It is only through the ANC Government where an employee found guilty of corruption, can be rewarded for it by promotion elsewhere.

The root causes for all failures remain around insufficient knowledge and insufficient competencies.

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Is the country still moving forward to 2019 under a leaderless ANC ruling party?

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Do we have the Superman, who can do the necessary cleanup, fast enough?

It is actually real easy to find training manuals for improvement, that is, if one has an interest in improvement. The following two free to download examples underscore this statement:

1. Competency development guide for managers, by the United Nations:

Competency development guide for managers by the United Nations ecover

2. Training manual on police integrity, by The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF):

Training manual on police integrity by The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) ecover

Just click on the two images above to download the training manuals in PDF format.

The missing financial knowledge gap in Government.

The missing financial knowledge gap in most South African Government Organisations is locked up in the five essential financial skills for business people and non-financial managers:

Five missing financial skills in Government image

  1. Accounting principles
  2. Assessing financial performance
  3. Cash flow analysis
  4. Interpreting financial statements
  5. Reading a balance sheet

All five can be obtained free on the net. It can be downloaded individually. The images look like this:

Five needed financial skills in Government image

All five can also be downloaded for free in one zip file. The image for this download will look like this:

Five for free in one zip file image

Here is where to get all five:

Again, it is very easy to get the knowledge, without any sweat, if the interest and willpower is there and not overshadowed by self-enrichment ambitions.

All about Project Management can also be obtained free of charge here:

Changing street and town names is only a waste of time and huge amounts of money. It does not contribute an inch to building a rainbow nation. The highest potential contribution to building a rainbow nation is locked up in character building and building higher moral values, all through continuous education, continuous learning and continuous upbringing principles. Upbringing principles already start from an early age before school-going age! It must start at home from parenting care and influence and not entirely left to school teachers.

If 63% of new-born black babies will never know who their fathers are, not even to speak about the high rate of rape occurrences, how can there ever be positive cultural growth?

This is a cartoon image of a Viking of old:

Viking cartoon image

This is a picture of Vikings on the war path of centuries ago:

Viking era image

The era of the barbaric Vikings stopped centuries ago.

Read all about the Vikings here: and here:

Keep up to date on what goes on in South Africa:

How Governments can make capitalistic systems to fail, can be viewed here.

It has been proven time and time again that the best for a country, with a  capitalistic system, is when the leader of that country has a qualification and background in Economics and not the Law. If the leader of a country does not have the preferred qualification, he/she must at least have a good ear for advice from competent Economic advisers!

The easiest way to earn a remuneration package of R 3 to R 5  million or more per year, as a totally incompetent person for the job, is to be employed in Government. It is only through the ANC, where a State-owned bank can go bankrupt through looting. Julius Malema will never learn a life lesson or an economic lesson. He should be banned to Siberia, Russia, North-Korea or even China (where they work up to 16 hours per shift, every day of the week) for a few lessons! His graduation program at the University of South Africa, was not a big help in Economics. 

If Jacob Zuma is found guilty of high treason, must he then not be sentenced to die before a firing squad as of old?

In the mind’s eye of the beholder, thinking of the African National Congress, reminds one of the saying “Bloated in the glory of authority”.

In a survey of a few years ago under black University students, the results indicated that more than 90% of them would prefer to be employed in Government and not in the Private Sector. The main reason given was that they could then also participate in the “get rich schemes” of looting and stealing. What a way to go for a Country!

What happened to the Code of Conduct for Civil Servants, which existed up to the end of 1993?  Flushed down the drain like everything else, from 1994 till today?

Listen to this radio interview about the 100 billion rand irregular spending since 2008 (corruption) at Escom:

500 Billion rand blown in ten years!

Just remember, there are more than 200 State-Owned Organisations like Escom.

High treason, High treason! How can any voter still vote for the ANC? Only when one is overwhelmed by ignorance and stupidity!

If a project can be looked upon as “urgent”, no tenders are necessary.  All government departments, in all government levels and government owned organisations misused this loophole for self-enrichment! All this crookedness without any preventative internal financial risk control measurements; nor any worry how it is going inside the organisation one is supposed to be in charge of.

Who was the Architect of this grand theft scheme?

All Government related organisations must be investigated for fraud and corruption and not only where such rumours have surfaced.

Government corruption

Those culprits who participated in theft, demonstrated with those acts that they feel nothing for the millions of their jobless comrades struggling in poverty.

Corruption par excellence

Escom power tariffs should be 50% of what it is now!

Medupi and Kusile power stations:

The total price tag for the 4 764 MW Medupi power station, an Escom development near Lephalale in South Africa’s Limpopo province, now officially stands at R124,42 billion.

The same tragic story applies to Kusile power station, a coal-fired power plant under construction by state electricity utility Escom, about 15 kilometres north of the existing Kendal Power Station near Witbank, Mpumalanga.

Both these projects have become never-ending ANC money disaster projects. None of the commissions of enquiry have yet touched it. What have transpired so far from all the investigations is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why were all other power stations previously successfully built without a hitch?

Who were the contractors for Medupi and Kusile; State Owned, ANC Owned or Secretly owned by Escom officials, family or friends? Is it so difficult to investigate?

The big question is this: Will Zuma escape or face jail sentence?

28 farm attacks, 1 farm murder in November 2018 in South Africa

A total of 28 Farm attacks, one farm murder and one foiled farm attack took place in South Africa during November 2018 alone. Here are the statistics: Gauteng – eight, Western Cape – five, Freestate – one, KZN – three, Limpopo – three, Mpumalanga – five, North West – four and in the Eastern Cape… Read more

See how the ANC miserably failed to live up to the promise of Nelson Mandela of “not boarding the gravy train” or “live like fat cats”:

The ANC proved they feel nothing for their brothers and sisters living in dire circumstances and poverty.

Jacob Zuma was the Architect for inventing, introducing and upholding criminality throughout all Government structures for 9 years. He deprived the whole population of the country from a better life.

His period of reign will be remembered as the most shameful and scandalous the world has ever seen and at the same time resulted in the biggest disgrace to all black persons, who must now suffer from the perceived worldwide image degradation, in the eyes of other races, toward the black race.

Zuma created the worst damage to the perceived competencies and qualities of blacks, than any other person or group of persons will ever be able to do.

In his short period of leaderless reign, he led South Africa from being the best on the African Continent to being the worst!

He should be regarded by blacks as their greatest enemy.

To most South African citizens, Zuma will be remembered as the greatest destroyer of the ideal of building a rainbow nation.

The only way to get rid of the culture of corruption is to replace all government ministers, deputy ministers, directors and officials, who have benefited from corruption over the past ten years from 2008 to 2019.


The ANC put themselves on a road of self-destruction by big scale all-round incompetent appointments throughout all government structures. They have allowed palookas and hooligans to destroy the country.

The proof is in the highest unemployment and poverty levels like never before.

They have created Governing patterns with an utter lack of any useful control measures.

The image below is portraying the general lack of know-how from 1994 to the present day of 25 February 2019:

ANC self-destruction image

If it was so easy to steal from virtually every Government structure, how easy could it also happen with the lottery systems?

A dream changed to a nightmare image

There must be a writer or reporter who can recapture the ANC achievements and failures over the past 24 years from 1994 to 2018, as conveyed in the image below. I can make a free contribution to such a report for the period from 2005 to 2010 plus 2017/2018.

ANC majority rule over a period of 24 years image

In the past 24 years of rule the amount of money squandered by incompetency and the all out desire of self-enrichment, could have provided houses for all squatters in South Africa three times over.

In 2011 Julius Malema enrolled at UNISA for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and African languages, and he graduated in March 2016.

It would have been much wiser for him to enroll for an in-depth study of economics. It would have made him a far better political party leader and politician. He would then also have enabled himself to make less statements falling in the categories of stupidity and backwardness.

He could never be a great leader with his present limited intellectual insights.

Nationalization of mines, banks and other businesses is a high priority for Malema and his EFF political party. Although he lives in South Africa, he seems not to be aware of the fact that all state owned organizations (more than 200 already nationalized) have turned out as big financial disasters. He is preying on and misleading the huge portion of uneducated voters. Uneducated voters will either vote for the ANC or EFF political party. Either way, they will be voting themselves out of a better future life, as nothing will become better, but just deteriorate to more disasters.

A little joke follows here:

“Bizarre truth…Only in the new South-Africa…

In Mayfair, Johannesburg a fire destroyed a block of flats.

A Nigerian family of six con-artists lived on the first floor, and all six died in the fire.

An Islamic group of seven Somalian welfare cheats, all illegally in the country, lived on the second floor, and they, too, all perished in the fire.

Six local ex-cons lived on the 3rd floor and they too, died.

One white couple lived on the top floor. The couple survived the fire.

Hearing this on national news, Julius Malema and Zwelinzima Vavi were furious. They flew into Jo’burg, teamed-up with Jacob Zuma and quickly demanded a meeting with the Fire Chief. On camera, they loudly demanded to know why the blacks all died in the ‘racist’ fire and only the white couple lived.

The Fire Chief replied, “The whites were at work.””

Interpreting the crimes, it seems that after hundreds of years of extinction of barbarism in other parts of the world, it still lives on in South Africa.

South Africa is going nowhere in the years to come, if the Government of the day, whoever it may be, does not implement a proper performance management system, throughout all government institutions and all government levels.

Without the right performance management system, there will be no improvements in any type of service delivery to the citizens of the country.

This is a proven fact if one looks back at the past 25 years.

Let us now go to more positiveness in life:

This is how one builds character and culture from a young age:

You can download this booklet free, right here, by left clicking on the image below. This product below should be used by all teachers and parents to uplift the morality, character, and culture of children. It includes activities for elementary, middle and high school-aged children.
It is a shame that our own government does not have something like this.

Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen:

Helping your child become a responsible citizen e-guide e-cover

This e-book is made available through the courtesy of The Department of Education of the Unites States of America.

Just as children must be taught to read and write, solve math problems, and understand science concepts and events in history, so must they be guided in developing the qualities of character that are valued by their families and by the communities in which they live.

This booklet provides information about the values and skills that make up character and good citizenship and what you can do to help your child develop strong character.

It suggests activities that you and your school-aged children can do to put those values to work in your daily lives and tips for working with teachers and schools to ensure that you act together to promote the basic values that you want your child to learn and use.


With activities for elementary, middle and high school-aged children:

1. Title Page
2. Foreword
3. Introduction
4. What Does “Strong Character” Mean?

  • Compassion
  • Honesty and Fairness
  • Self-discipline
  • Good Judgment
  • Respect for Others
  • Self-respect
  • Courage
  • Responsibility
  • Citizenship and Patriotism

5. How Can We Help Children Learn about Character?

  • Set a Good Example
  • Set High Standards and Clear Expectations
  • Coach
  • Use Literature

6. Activities

  • Getting to Know Others—from Near and Far
  • Gifts from the Heart
  • Telling the Truth
  • Think about It
  • Keep Trying
  • Making Decisions
  • Magic Words, Caring Deeds
  • There’s a Monster in My Room!
  • OOPS!
  • Stand Up for Yourself
  • Helping Out
  • More Than Chores
  • Our Heroes!
  • How Can I Be of Service?
  • Coping
  • Are You My Friend?
  • Listen to Your Feelings
  • Share a Story

7. Dealing with Media Pressures

8. Working with Teachers and Schools to Build Character

9. Resources

  • Books That Can Support Character Development
  • Children’s Magazines
  • Booklists

10. Bibliography
11. Acknowledgments
12. No Child Left Behind

“A person in a position of authority can only be as good as the subordinates can make him/her”.

Click the e-book image below to read the amazing revelations in a PDF file:

Blinking moth eyes animation

Explanatory description of a best system

The miracle of short interval control inside our self-propelled performance management system:

The miracle of short interval control in accordance with the sergeant stripes principle, is that it opens up the opportunity for self-control and self-correction of deviations, on all levels, before a job position on a particular level has to report to the next higher level. It also minimises the control function and control frequency, by each consecutive higher level manager, so that supervision and control over subordinates become almost self-regulatory.

The great challenge for organisations is to progress from occasional backward looking performance appraisals based on historic performance, to regular forward looking performance management based on continuous corrective actions at a differentiating shorter control and planning time scale for each hierarchical level (planning, controlling and reporting according to the Sergeant Stripes Principle).

The strategic plan becomes alive through continuous short interval corrective actions.

So, we can rightfully name it as “The self-propelled performance management system”.

Quote: “Encourage and empower subordinates to empower yourself!”

Also read our post on service delivery by Governments here.

Local municipal councillors footer

What is your prediction for the future of South Africa? Will the Government lead the country to somewhere or to nowhere?

See this video of early 2019:

By Peter Murray:

“In 1990 – 31 Farm attacks recorded
In 1991 – 83 Farm attacks recorded
In 1992 – 113 Farm attacks recorded
In 1993 – 166 Farm attacks recorded
In 1994 – 122 Farm attacks recorded ( ANC Take over )
In 1995 – 113 Farm attacks recorded
In 1996 – 84 Farm attacks recorded
In 1997 – 158 Farm attacks recorded
In 1998 – 237 Farm attacks recorded
In 1999 – 191 Farm attacks recorded
In 2000 – 233 Farm attacks recorded
In 2001 – 162 Farm attacks recorded
In 2002 – 239 Farm attacks recorded
In 2003 – 193 Farm attacks recorded
In 2004 – 123 Farm attacks recorded
In 2005 – 108 Farm attacks recorded
In 2006 – 99 Farm attacks recorded
In 2007 – 106 Farm attacks recorded
In 2008 – 192 Farm attacks recorded
In 2009 – 169 Farm attacks recorded
In 2010 – 141 Farm attacks recorded
In 2011 – 92 Farm attacks recorded
In 2012 – 153 Farm attacks recorded
In 2013 – 181 Farm attacks recorded
*On 5 December 2013, Nelson Mandela passes away. I wish to focus your attention on the fact that with 3096 Farm attacks between 1994 and 2013, Nelsom mandela has not made any serious effort to stop farm Murders.
In 2014 the EFF ( Economic freedom fighters ) Participated in the General elections for the first time.
In 2014 – 490 Farm attacks recorded
In 2015 – 318 Farm attacks recorded
In 2016 – 357 Farm attacks recorded
Statistics 2016 / 2017 recorded a further 27.5% Increase in Farm attacks”

By Peter Murray:

“Black people” blame “white people” instead of looking at the actions of their own!!!!

“But the facts are:

Whites did NOT vote ANC into power;
Whites did NOT sell SA to Gupta’s;
Whites did NOT ‘loot’ SAA, Eskom, Denel, Health dept, Gov.;
Whites did NOT sell SA’s oil reserves ;
Whites are NOT responsible for disfuctional ANC municipalities;
Whites did NOT lose R30+ billion of State workers pensions.
Whites did NOT fix bankers exchange rate.
White did NOT kill over 200 with listeriosis containing food.
Whites did NOT rig the price of bread.
Whites did NOT collude in construction tenders.
Whites did NOT create poverty and job losses;
Whites did NOT build N’Kandlas ……… and so we can carry on ………”.

The single most important goal/objective, responsibility and liability of President Zuma was to ensure the peak performance of Provincial Governments, the SADF, the SAPS, other Government organisations on the same level and other State-owned organisations reporting to him. Does he know anything at all about strategic planning or was corruption planning overshadowing everything else? Who wants to rate him on this?

The single most important goal/objective, responsibility and liability of a Provincial Goverment Leader was to ensure the peak performance of own organisation and local governments reporting to him. Have they all just followed in Zuma’s footsteps? Have they failed or passed?

The whole grand ANC failure could have been predicted years ago, if someone just investigated and analised Zuma’s background and knowledge. He was totally unfit for the job of President of a country.

Question: Why are so many professionally educated and competent black South Africans leaving South Africa now for better destinies elsewhere?

All the squandered money of the past 25 years could have provided full service delivery of all thinkable facilities, to all communities, including housing and jobs, more than two times over.

Unemployment and poverty in South Africa are now on voting day (2019), the highest since the Great Depression in the 1940’s.

According to his evidence during the Zondo commission enquiry, Jacob Zuma conveyed the following denials of his time as President:

1. He had no liability nor any responsibility for appointment of people who were supposed to report to him.
2. He had no liability nor any responsibility for controlling the performance of people or Government organisations who were supposed to report to him.
3. He had no liability nor any responsibility for leading South Africa anywhere.

From the above evidence it can logically be deducted that he believe he was President of another Country somewhere in an unknown Universe. If this is the sad reality and truth of the ANC Policy, then why do South Africa need a President? It also indicates that the position of President is in dire need of job requirements and goal setting befitting a President of a Country.

The ANC rule over the past 25 years was pathetic and can be regarded as an utter waste of time.

It seems that The ANC National Executive Committee Management members have no idea what the functions or purpose of a President must be. The Job of President must have a mission statement, a vision statement, objectives to plan for and performance measured annually on how good goal achievement was. Furthermore it must have job requirement specifications against which candidates can be evaluated.

Jacob Zuma is actually fingering the National Executive Committee as the culprit during his evidence before the Zondo commission. According to him he had nothing to do with State Capture. He failed in every aspect of a President and The National Executive Committee allowed him that, without ever calling him to order.

If the performance of Government units is only controlled on financial matters once a year, it will forever be too late to rectify anything in a timely manner.

Way too high pay packages for way too little results? How many employees are getting overpaid for doing too little? To be a benefit for an organisation, an employee’s work efforts must contribute more than his/her cost to company.

The work effort contributions of the human capital assets of any organisation must be more in value than its total cost to the organisation, to be profitable. Any person not conforming to this basic principle of asset management, is a bad human capital investment.

The latest scandalous news bulletin is that 29 000 employees in the ANC Government structures of South Africa have become millionaires. How will this sit with the millions of homeless and jobless comrades? Where will the capacity to investigate and prosecute the huge number of criminal offences ever come from? Maybe also from another unknown planet in the universe!

Is the President of South Africa only a figurehead, with no authoritative power over Provincial Governments? Is authoritative power over Provincial Governments only nested in the ANC National Executive Committee? In other words in people who may have no knowledge requirements, no qualification requirements and no competency requirements? Then it is the same situation as with Municipal councilors who may be selected, without any scholastic qualifications. How can a country be led by such a state of affairs? The poor and jobless black citizens voting for such an ANC party can only vote themselves into higher poverty and more job losses.

In the African National Congress, we have the most unworkable and cumbersome democratic system rules in the world (or lack thereof). No wonder everything is stretched out at slow march in circles, where all responsibilities, reliabilities and accountabilities can be shifted and hidden behind yet another organisational structure, person or rule. The buck just stops nowhere. They will have to change their rules for setting up their government structures and for selection of leadership appointments fast, or lose the next election.

Just a few government officials have knowledge on Management theory, Finance and how to run an organisation or department and less than a few have grade 12 qualifications. All problems are nested in the ANC National Executive Committee and its outdated rules and methods, based on past, historic self-inflicted mind-retarding values. South Africa needs a political party with modern, futuristic moral values.

Will the existing NEC members have the willpower and courage to vote themselves out and replace themselves with more competent members, who can change the rules?

Are we doomed to a one way downward track forever?

In the abscence of job requirements, the present central, provincial and municipal selection processes only breed competition for pay packages by incompetent contestants. In other words, encouragement of a campaign culture for self-enrichment.

No matter what political party is in power, for as long as there are no competency requirements for selection processes, there will be no performance improvement outcomes.

For the future, successful Governments will have to brand their conveyed image more and more on performance excellence in the eyes of voting citizens.

Also have a look at this fact sheet.

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