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E-guide brochures to facilitate or satisfy a career change desire.

E-guide brochures to broaden knowledge of an interest or passion.

E-guide brochures to expand knowledge on a topic, hobby or craft.

E-guide brochures to expand an idea or ideal into a full-time job or business.

Aeroplane pilot –Click this link

Aftermath of a heart attack or stroke – Click this link

Animation clipart – Click this link

Apps developer – Click this link

Archery and bow hunting – Click this link

Bats, rats & mice – Click this link

Beer brewing (640 craft beer recipes from around the world) – Click this link

Birding – Click this link

Birthday parties for kids – Click this link

Brain training – Click this link

Business plan template – Click this link

Cake decorating – Click this link

Chiropractor – Click this link

Collection of coins, stamps & postcards – Click this link

Colouring pages – Click this link

Creativity – Click this link

Dating – Click this link

Dog training – Click this link

Drawing & painting – Click this link

Electrician – Click this link

Event planning – Click this link

Farming: Cannabis farming – Click this link

Farming: Greenhouse farming – Click this link

Farming: Hydroponics farming – Click this link

Farming: Koi fish farming – Click this link

Farming: Organic farming – Click this link

Farming: Mushroom farming – Click this link

Farming: Poultry farming – Click this link

Food recipes – Click this link

Foreign exchange – Click this link

Fund raising online – Click this link

Get published – Click this link

Gold coins – Click this link

Graphics design – Click this link

Health – Click this link

High exam marks – Click this link

Horse training – Click this link

Hospitality industry – Click this link

How to buy a car – Click this link

Image consultancy – Click this link

Inferiority complex – Click this link

Interior decorating – Click this link

Journalism – Click this link

Marriage bliss – Click this link

Mastering public speaking – Click this link

Medical careers – Click this link

Movie maker – Click this link

Music in-a-box – Click this link

Music super star – Click this link

Natural weight loss – Click this link

Offline marketing – Click this link

Online selling without a website – Click this link

Parenting – Click this link

Party planner – Click this link

Party planning – Click this link

Perfume making – Click this link

Photography – Click this link

Private detective – Click this link

Public domain profits – Click this link

Public speaking for business people – Click this link

Public speaking for politicians & presenters – Click this link

Retirement – Click this link

Save money in recessions – Click this link

Seduction – Click this link

Self-improvement – Click this link

Selling physical goods online – Click this link

Seven habits of highly effective people – Click this link

Teacher – Click this link

The shy person’s guide to public speaking – Click this link

Travel guides – Click this link

Vintage cars – Click this link

Wilderness survival training – Click this link

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