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Education improvement

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Education improvement.

How to study for high exam scores.

Best study preparation techniques.

Find the five best study preparation techniques inside our e-guide.

View this slide show by clicking the start button.  The set of 28 slides are set to move every 5 seconds. Clicking on the bottom area where it says “Slide 1”, will initiate a pop-up table of contents. When you need more time to read some text, you can use the pause button. This slideshow can also be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

Learn how to score high marks in tests and examinations at High School, College and University with our five best study preparation techniques.

One does not need all the ineffective study preparation techniques and study preparation methods described and discussed all over the Internet. It can become quite confusing. Some sites even list twenty or more techniques. All the effective study preparation techniques, which make the magic difference, are locked up in the following five best study preparation techniques:

1. A study preparation technique to schedule regular work rate, evenly spread out over time;
2. A study preparation technique for rehearsing of recalling abilities;
3. A study preparation technique to reduce work volume, which must be re-visited shortly before the event takes place;
4. A study preparation technique to increase recalling abilities; and
5. A study preparation technique to change and improve chemical brain functions.

How to score high marks in tests and examinations at High School, College and University for futuristic education improvement by scoring high in exams from early on. Improved education breeds improved future career choices for anyone.

The success of a memorisation technique, depends on how strong it can build chemical brain bridges for increased brain retention and brain recalling abilities.

The first priority for leadership development, ought to start here for scholars, pupils and students of ages 16 and higher. We recommend a maturity level of grade ten or an age of 16 and older.

This ought to be the first priority for any young pupil or student to a lifelong more lucrative career path into the future.

By applying all five magic study preparation techniques to the theory of team leadership, as demonstration example of how to do it, we are helping you to kill two birds with one stone! So, early leadership development is also included with our five magical study techniques inside chapter 8!  On its own, this is already a great bonus!

How to conquer examination stress.

Study workload cartoon

How to get rid of examination anxiety forever!

Teachers and lecturers can also buy this book to convey the learning techniques to their own children, pupils and students for better results! It is needless to say what it can mean for their own careers!

Amazon book covers

This is a study guide to make life easier for scholars and students. Any student will be able to lift career sights higher with the techniques described in this one-of-a-kind study guide. It is the starting point for any future career and recommended for students from grade ten, up to postgraduate student status and beyond.

What seems to be the most common problem with examination preparation techniques? Despite all the advice from different sources, persons still go into privacy and try to figure out an individual way, what they think will work out the best for them. However, from what I have seen and experienced, those individual ways are mostly not the most efficient, most effective and best ways to boost exam results.

The most efficient, most effective and best ways to boost exam results are explained in this book.

It helps to decrease study workload and increase brain retention of facts. The best study techniques are revealed in this report. The magic secret is in the combination of certain known techniques, with a less known technique, in a very specific way, which most teachers and lecturers are unaware of, as revealed in recent research by a group of psychologists.

The purpose of the narrations, is to inspire other young people to also become academic achievers with the help of the real easy methods explained in the core message. These easy methods concentrate on how to condense learning material, which is forever increasing with each consecutive study year and how to rearrange it for increased brain retention. Yet another unique method explains how to further increase recalling abilities.

In our opinion the contents can help thousands of young people achieve higher marks in tests and examinations and at the same time help many students and parents alike, to get rid of examination stress, anxiety and frustration. With these methods many learners will be able to pursue higher study goals and set their sights on more lucrative career paths.

The remarkable study advice in this book can be a refreshing encouragement for thousands of students to a better learning experience, a higher self-esteem, an increase in personal academic potential and eventually a better adult career life.

These secret study techniques work like magic.

A new study says rehearsing of recalling abilities and sticking to a schedule of spreading out your study over time, work the best. Surprisingly, the techniques that were least effective, when it came to getting a good grade during this research, have been highly recommended by teachers and lecturers. These outcomes surprised teachers, lecturers, professors and many psychologists, who took note of this research, as they now realise that they have been emphasising the wrong techniques all along. They thought wrongly that summarisation and keyword association are the highest contributors to high grades.

“What we are about to show you in this study guide is how to combine certain of these techniques together with a unique work reduction technique in a very specific way, which makes a huge difference.”

The scientific research we are referring to found that summarization and keyword association ended up in the lower positions for best results.

Our effective study techniques work for any theoretical study material or topic.

Note: These same methods helped the Author to do the equivalent of 6 grade twelve’s in the first three years on a part-time basis, with high to distinction pass marks for his Master Degree in Business Leadership, through the University of South Africa (MBL), while he was full time employed. The MBL degree has a SAQA NQF level 9 rating, surpassing many other professional qualifications.

The short and sweet of this offer: Discover how to build long term brain bridges for long term remembrance. A combination of fivee learning techniques together, dramatically synergises test and examination results into new heights.

Anyone can learn how to build long term chemical brain bridges for long term remembrance, with the right information on how to merge four known techniques with another one, not so well-known by the best researchers and educators! Here is the proof of what we are saying, in this image of the publication:

Research paper image

Here is a download link for the above publication:


This is the research results one can find inside the research paper:

Research outcome

What is the significance of the research findings in relation to the techniques explained inside the book? The techniques must be interlaced or combined with the two researched techniques, which have the highest impact on results, namely:

“8. Practice testing: Self-testing or taking practice tests over to-be-learned material (rehearsing of recalling abilities).
9. Distributed practice: Implementing a schedule of practice that spreads out study activities over time (spreading out your study over time – regular dedicated study effort).”

These high impact learning techniques are already part and parcel of the techniques, as described and explained inside the book.

This diagram below illustrates that our methods are in line with scientific research findings:

In line with scientific research diagram

However, bear in mind that each technique was tested on a group of students in isolation from other techniques. In other words no tests were done on the effect of technique combinations. This is precisely why my five techniques of regular work and rehearsing, combined with methods A, B and C, have a dramatic effect on improvement of test and exam results by creating stronger chemical brain changes for improved recalling abilities.

This following diagram illustrates that regular dedicated study effort and rehearsing of recalling abilities, combined with our methods A, B and C, trigger stronger chemical brain changes, which in turn improve brain remembrance like magic. It comes down to combining the best five study preparation techniques together.

Scientific research combined with our methods diagram

Seven bonus publications

Here are the 7 bonus titles:

  1. The right student mindset for achievement.
  2. How to write great essays.
  3. Template outline for how to write captivating fiction.
  4. Research paper: Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques.
  5. Advanced memory course.
  6. Mind and memory mastery.
  7. The power of concentration.

Surprise bonus #8: The digital editions of the book in the formats EPUB, Kindle and PDF:

Amazon book covers

Feeling good graduate cartoon

What are the benefits of this one-of-a-kind exam preparation techniques?

  1. Lower workload.
  2. Lower exam preparation hours.
  3. Less rehearsing time of recalling abilities.
  4. Higher brain retention of content and facts.
  5. Better brain recalling abilities.
  6. Higher exam marks and grades.
  7. More time for sport, cultural and social activities.
  8. Lower stress for students, parents and teachers.
  9. Increase in future possibilities of study finance and scholarships.
  10. Increase in career ambitions.
  11. Increase in income generation abilities.
  12. Increase in future living standards.
  13. Higher self-confidence, self-image and inspiration for improvements.
  14. Improvements on all fronts of life, like physical wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, mind wellness and stress wellness.
  15. Early leadership development training, by applying all five magic study preparation techniques to the theory of team leadership, as an example of how to do it, we are helping you to kill two birds with one stone! It was cleverly integrated into the contents of chapter 8 of this guide. One can say it is a prelude to our highly regarded team leadership training course, killing two birds with one stone. On its own, this is already a great bonus offering the real possibility of an early head start in life to buyers!

For as long as educational systems rely on closed book repeating of facts, recalling abilities of the brain will keep on being important.

Chained to less effective learning techniques

Remember? The same methods described in the book helped the Author to successfully complete the equivalent of 36 (thirty six) full grade 12 (twelve) subjects over a period of three years! Yes, 6 subjects every 6 months and he is just an ordinary guy with average intelligence!

The price to pay is small change, compared to the gains it can bring for the buyer!

Buy Option: Buy this study guide (EPUB, KINDLE and PDF versions) and all the digital bonuses (PDF versions), right here through the secure servers of Paypal for $27.99 and receive everything for download in your email, within two respite days:

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Buy one and get 8. This product has a price tag of $37.00 on Amazon, without any bonuses.

Download this PDF album to your device if you want to look again later at this offer, by clicking the album image below:

Eight ebooks study album ebook ecover

This is killing two birds with one stone, offering buyers the real possibility of an early head start in life!

We have entrenched early leadership development training together with the best examination study preparation techniques, in one training manual, by demonstrating how the study techniques can be applied to the leadership training material.

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