Founder Background

Founder Background

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Pierre Du Plessis

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Career Milestones:

1960-1964 Secondary School – 5 x Victor Ludorum in athletics, Captain of 1 st rugby team.
1965- Army Gymnasium – Junior Officer’s Course.
1968- Married in this year – now having 4 adult children – 2 girls and 2 boys.
1969- Obtained Bachelor’s Degree (BA Commerce): Extra mural night classes – University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Economics 3 and Industrial Psychology 3. Sampie Terreblanche was one of my Professor lecturers in Economics for 4 years from 1966 to 1969. Also look him up with this Google link:
1972-1982 Foskor Limited – Designed and installed several new methods and procedures in the areas of purchasing, stock control and salvaging of material.
1982- Obtained Masters Degree (Masters in Business Leadership SAQA NQF 9): – Studied after working hours – University of South Africa, with an essay in final year titled “The design of a organisation structure for a Phosphate producing mine and plant”.
1982-1990 Foskor Limited – 1. Designed and implemented several improved systems and procedures in the areas of purchasing, tenders, stock control, stores housekeeping and later throughout the whole organisation. After normal working hours: 2. Designed and maintained the Strategic Preparedness Plan for Phalaborwa Commando. 3. Planned, arranged and conducted several “Buttermilk” Training Camps, as well as preparedness training for women. 4. I had been the first person at Foskor, who had started with black empowerment transformation, as early as 1982, long before the ANC came into power in 1994.
1990-1992 Erdec College – Started this correspondence college in 1990 as owner. Designed and published several accredited management courses. Conducted several management development courses for businesses as consultant. Registered with Correspondence College Council. During this period I also worked for De Huizemark in Pretoria for 12 months in 1991.
1992-1997 Freddies Minerals – Opened up an open pit mine, constructed the plant and managed all aspects.
1997-2012 Self-employed – Freelanced as micro financier, contractor, consultant, surfed the net, web site administrator. Exporting of machinery and importing of footwear. Design of the self-propelled performance management system.
5 Nov 2013 up to now – Estate Agent and Building maintenance contractor. Compiling ten year maintenance plans for residential complexes. Business consultant. Business owner. In the meantime, we have also steadily been building up this Internet business since the start of the Internet in round about 1997. We have designed quite a chunk of the training modules in the vaults ourselves and regard updating our work, with latest information, as a never-ending process.

Busines card for Pierre Du Plessis Education:


Grade 12, first class – Vaalharts High School, Jan Kempdorp – 1964
BA (Commerce) – University of Stellenbosch, extra mural classes – 1969
MBL (Master in Business Leadership SAQA NQF level 9) – University of South Africa – 1982
Diploma in Purchasing Management – Purchasing Management Society -1988
Conduct outcomes-based assessment, SAQA unit standard 115753, NQF level 5, 15 credits, awarded 16 April 2008

Short Courses:

Presentations Skills – Foskor Limited, Phalaborwa -1990
Professional Value Management Practioner – Foskor Limited, Phalaborwa – 1989
Quality Assurance Assessment – Foskor Limited, Phalaborwa – 1989
Leadership Styles – Foskor Limited, Phalaborwa – 1988
Surface Blasting License – Department of Minerals and Energy – 1996
South African National Defence Force:
Junior Officer’s Course – Army Gymnasium, Pretoria -1965
Section Leader – Phalaborwa Commando – 1984
Platoon Leader – Danie Theron Combat School, Kimberley – 1985
Company 2IC – Danie Theron Combat School, Kimberley – 1986
Navo Codification – Pretoria – 1986
Methodology of Teaching – Messina -1987

Technical Experiential Learning through interest in the crafts, by technical inclination:

1. Manufacturing canoes and LUV canopies in glass fibre
2. Carpentry
3. Arc and Gas Welding
4. Lathe turning, overhaul of electric motors (bearings) and hydraulic cylinders (oil seals)
5. Erection of Mine Ore Production Plant, Water Reticulation and Electrification
6. Building construction, Electrification and Water Reticulation – As private contractor I erected several buildings, chalets and a conference centre, including the water reticulation from huge distances, plumbing, sewerage and three and single phase electrification. Also erected about 300 km of fencing for the Toll Gate companies.
7. Gardening maintenance and cleaning of houses, flats and offices
8. Sub-contracting for consulting engineers – Installation of water meters and maintenance of water pipe lines in black rural communities in Limpopo.

Nowadays consultant, trainer, business owner and shareholder in various companies. Expert in Integrated Performance Management. Started work as Estate Agent 2013. Building maintenance contractor.

Summary of Experience:

Occupation: Organisational improvement consultant, trainer, web site designer, internet marketing and SEO expert. Author of several online articles, training manuals and e-books. My wife and I run and operate an online club for people interested and serious about career advancement. We offer a membership, providing products for career enthusiasts, where career building is at its best with our unique integrated performance management system and other related products. Now also Estate Agent and shareholder in several business organisations.

Qualifications: BA (Commerce), majoring in Industrial Psychology and Economics, University of Stellenbosch, 1969, Master in Business Leadership, University of South Africa, 1982.

Experience: Systems design, supply chain management, procurement, logistics, stock control, capacities management, automation of purchasing orders, drawing up of tender invitations, tender evaluations and adjudications, drawing up of tender agreements, administration of repetitive tenders, eradication of red tape, open cast mining, surface blasting, mine management, exporting of heavy machinery and importing of footwear, training others in management principles, leadership skills, team building, strategic planning and integrated performance management, planning, organising and conducting of operations and training for big groups, design of the self-propelled performance management system, implementation of performance management systems in all types of businesses and departments and starting several own businesses. Selling of properties as Property Broker. Building maintenance contractor. Experience in all residential building construction disciplines. Compiling ten year maintenance plans for residential complexes. Business consultant. Business owner.

This is a summary of my army infantry training and experience:

1. His army training started in 1965 at the Army Gymnasium in Pretoria, South Africa, where he completed a 12 month Junior Officer’s course. During this year he achieved the distinction of becoming a sharpshooter with the FN 7.62 mm automatic rifle, with a score of 98%. His force number was 64239494KA. He also completed several other courses successfully. He terminated his army service in 1993 at the Phalaborwa Commando, in the rank of Captain.
2. During his 28 years of service in the army, he served in the following positions:
Section Leader, Adjudant, Platoon Leader, Company 2 IC, Company Commander, Officer in charge of Battalion Training, Officer in charge of Battalion Operations.
3. He had intensive and detailed training in handling the following weapons: FN 7.62mm calibre automatic rifle, R1 7.62mm calibre automatic rifle, 9mm parabellum automatic pistol, R4 5.56mm calibre automatic rifle, R1 rifle grenade, Hand grenades, 50mm Mortar, 75mm Mortar, Snotneus mortar thrower, Bazooka, Vickers machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun, 9mm carbine, Sten machine gun, Bren machine gun, Flame throwers.
4. He arranged several “Buttermilk” training camps and acted as one of the chief instructors during all these camps.
5. He also arranged, controlled and gave instruction to 700 women, during four training programs in shooting with the pistol/revolver and the 7.62 calibre automatic R1 rifle.
6. He completed an army instructor’s course in “The Methodology of Training” and several others in infantry tactics.
7. He comes from an army background, as his father was a lifelong employee and Officer in the South African Army until his retirement. During his upbringing years he mostly lived in military camps.

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Age: 71 as at 4 March 2018.

Other interests: Parenting, child development, career issues, sport, crafts, hobbies, photography, polyester resin objects, decorative concrete, metalwork, woodwork, angling, boating.

Where I grew up: Potch, Lenz, Jan Kempdorp

Places I’ve lived: Phalaborwa, Pretoria, Belville, Jan Kempdorp, Lenasia, Potchefstroom, Kempton Park. Now living in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Companies I’ve worked for: Sanlam, Foskor Limited, De Huizemark, Freddies Minerals, Golden Homes Estate Agency.

Educational institutions I have attended: Suurbekom Primary, Vaalharts Primary, Vaalharts High, University of Stellenbosch, Unisa, Army Gymnasium, Danie Theron Combat School, Kimberley.

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My father, veteran of World War 2. He joined the Army at age 15 in the Special Services Battalion in Potchefstroom. During the war he served in East Africa, North Africa and Italy as Artillery Gunner. He created and moulded me; my best friend, comrade and inspiration. He saw the light on 19 October 1918 and passed away at age 86.

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