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Free leadership publications to download.

Free leadership related products to download for those who are considering to join our membership.

1. Amazing study tips on how to unleash your inner learning power:

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Amazing study tips learning secrets e-guide e-cover

2. How to use your mind for study – learn the techniques straight A students are using every day to get an unfair advantage over you (66 pages):

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How to use your mind for study e-guide e-cover

3. How to become an effective team leader who can transfer the same qualities to other team leaders:

Become an effective team leader e-guide e-cover

4. How to become a leader of creative influence:

Become a leader of of creative influence e-guide e-cover

5. How to evaluate organisation leadership quality with four questionnaires for four tiers:

How to evaluate organisation leadership health e-guide e-cover

6. The hierarchical differentiation of management functions:

The hierarchical differentiation of management functions e-guide e-cover

7. Scarcity of space does not allow the display of all these products:

E-guide vaults of more than 2000 image

8. Here are a few best practices examples of titles in our vaults:

Three examples of best practises e-guides image108 Natural cures for ailments e-guide image

  • The best on innovative thinking techniques and radical thinking techniques.
  • Best practices for planning and budgeting.
  • A true case study on Leadership in Manufacturing.
  • The complete handbook of Nature’s Cures for 108 ailments.

Aspirant members can regard these products listed above as the type of quality, which can be forthcoming with membership.

As “Job enrichment” is the name of the new game, equally so is “Innovative thinking and radical thinking ” (radical thinking in a good positive way), to stay on top in the fourth industrial revolution.

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