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The Big Internet Giveaway Event.

This is a dual type of event, with regular lucky draws and a permanent monthly giveaway. How is it possible? Because we have an arsenal of more than 2000 unique quality digital products in our vaults, for all ages and interests. We can keep it up for years to come!

It is an ongoing giveaway event.

1. Annual Lucky Draw for Ten New Members every year, who can win 2112 images.

We do not entertain subscribers any longer, but only members who have joined through our donation process on our home page.

These images are locked up in five digital vaults, as displayed below:

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See the vintage car paintings inside this slideshow video:

Here is one example of a moving Elvis animation:

moving Elvis animation

Here are a few more examples inside the slideshow below:

All the images are of highest quality, royalty free and can be used in emails, presentations, web pages and your own videos. These images can be very useful in training presentations and training videos.

The ten lucky new members per year will be announced in our monthly newsletter.

2. Monthly free products giveaway of at least two per month.

Joined Members who remain on our contact list, will receive at least two digital e-guides per month.

We can start off with 120 e-guides immediately and thereafter two or more per month for many months to come.

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Click the image above to see what’s inside the PDF brochure.

Let the fun begin!

Elvis is back image

In my Primary School days in the 50’s, his songs and all the cowboy films of the time, inspired me to dress in a cowboy outfit, with a Brylcream oiled Elvis hairstyle, playing cowboys and crooks in a nearby eucalyptus forest. Whenever there was a birthday party, we used to jive in those type of outfits and hairstyles, trying to impress all the beautiful girls. Can you still remember the singer “Tommy Steele” from Australia? He was from the same era.

I also became a lover of horses, with my first Shetland pony gift from my father.

Here is a later Elvis song titled “You are always on my mind”:

Also listen to “Are you lonesome tonight”:

Elvis could sing all styles and genres, including country and gospel!

Here he is with “Jailhouse Rock”, song 19 inside Disc 3, from the 50’s:

3. What you must do to become eligible for the lucky draw and keep on receiving two products or more per month:

First you must join as a member on out home page, near the bottom.

At the same time you will be able to kill two birds with one shot. Firstly you will become a privileged member and secondly help us in our survey to discover the most important product out of the eleven. It will be explained in a follow-up newsletter.

1. Amazing study tips to unleash inner learning power:
Amazing study tips learning secrets e-guide e-cover
2. How to use your mind for study:
How to use your mind for study e-guide e-cover
3. How to become an effective team leader who can transfer the same qualities to other team leaders:

Become an effective team leader e-guide e-cover

4. How to become a leader of creative influence:

Become a leader of of creative influence e-guide e-cover

5. How to evaluate organisation leadership quality with four questionnaires for four tiers:

How to evaluate organisation leadership health e-guide e-cover

6. The hierarchical differentiation of management functions:

The hierarchical differentiation of management functions e-guide e-cover

Just join membership on our home page.

Easy as pie, not so?

See what else we have in store for members, who may also happen to be parents, wannabe parents or grandparents.

Our monthly news magazine in two parts, with part 1 for adults and part 2 for children.

See it inside this video:

Mission: Making a parenthood journey full of joy, pleasure and success!

Raising children is a serious matter. It usually happens when parents are still young and not so wise.

At the same time children need stimulation, love, security, encouragement and guidance on many fronts to develop their interests, cognitive processes, habits, talents and characters.

It happens in a world where there is virtually no parenthood education. Ample information and guidance on child health issues are available in abundance. When it comes to child character building and talent development, the sources of information, help and guidance for parents become scarcer.

Being a parent actually requires that parents fulfill their roles in parenting as a full-time second career. It requires that they gain the necessary knowledge to help their children the best way they can, through the different child development stages. All this must happen in a modern busy world between work, meetings, travelling and less quality family time at home.

It means parents need all the help they can possibly get! Children grow up fast, as time passes by quickly and waiting on nobody, who may have missed out on important child influencing moments.

We try to fill the void by making life easier for parents and their children by providing handy information and products on the subject of parenthood!

Members get lifetime access to our ongoing monthly giveaway event with amazing gift bonuses:

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Do you now think it is worthwhile to do the trick of becoming a member?

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This here below, is “Invite a friend script”, which I got from Mike Filsaime, one of the few early Internet Millionaires, years ago. Mike is still going strong, with his website here. He has always been a brilliant entrepreneur and highly skilled in computer coding languages. The script is still working in this modern age for PC’s with Windows 10:

Invite your friend to this page!

We have a strict policy of not cluttering customer messaging space, be it EMAIL, SMS or WhatsApp.


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