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How to avoid a heart attack or stroke

Posted by: | Posted on: October 26, 2018

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How to avoid a heart attack or stroke


Stroke and heart attack symptoms occur suddenly. Though the two events have a few possible symptoms in common, their other symptoms differ.

A common symptom of a stroke is a sudden and powerful headache. A stroke is sometimes referred to as a “brain attack.” A heart attack, on the other hand, often occurs with chest pain.

Recognizing the different symptoms of a stroke and heart attack can make a big difference in getting the right kind of help.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/stroke-vs-heart-attack

Heart attack:

During a heart attack, the blood supply that normally nourishes the heart with oxygen is cut off and the heart muscle begins to die. Heart attacks — also called myocardial infarctions — are very common in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that one happens every 40 seconds.

Some people who are having a heart attack have warning signs, while others show no signs. Some symptoms that many people report are:

  • chest pain
  • upper body pain
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • trouble breathing

A heart attack is a serious medical emergency. Seek immediate medical attention if you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms that could signal a heart attack.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/heart-attack

We have here an excellent e-guide for persons who want to avoid a heart attack or a stroke. Persons who have already experienced a stroke, can benefit tremendously by this advice to turnaround their lives back as near as possible to normality, as quickly as possible.

Life after a stroke:

The e-guide is titled “Life after a stroke”, with 14 audio’s and 25 scientifically researched articles:Life after a stroke e-guide e-cover

Table of Contents for “Life after a stroke” E-guide (47 pages):

Chapter 1 – An Introduction To Life After Stroke

  • Who This Guide Is For
  • How To Use This Guide

Chapter 2 – Immediate Aftereffects Of Stroke

  • Most Common Effects Following Stroke
  • Statistics On Life After Stroke
  • Goal Setting Following A Stroke
  • What We Learned

Chapter 3 – Rehabilitation

  • Your Mental Health
  • Treating Physical Symptoms of Stroke
  • Spasticity and Muscle Pain
  • ITB Therapy
  • Rehabilitation For Communication
  • General Management Tips For Recovery
  • Individual Approach To Rehabilitation
  • What We Learned

Chapter 4 – voiding Future Strokes

  • Dietary Changes
  • Recognize Stroke Risk Factors
  • What We Learned

Chapter 5 – Friends, Caregivers and Family

  • Finding Support
  • Communication and Family Roles
  • What We Learned

Chapter 6 – Hope For The Future

Chapter 7 – Stroke Resources

Are you at risk for the nation’s #3 leading killer of young and old alike?

Steps That Will Help You Create A Rich and Rewarding Life After Stroke

Discover a life transforming view of life after stroke, and discover new and beautiful ways to improve the quality of your life, even in the face of adversity…

Stroke… the silent killer… are YOU at risk?

Have you already suffered a stroke, or witnessed the struggles of a family member that has suffered, and want supportive, helpful and encouraging information that will allow you to lead an improved quality of life?

Every year for thousands of people stroke becomes a silent killer. For those lucky enough to survive, life following stroke can be filled with pain, sorrow and feelings of loss and abandonment.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these feelings and limitations, and discover a new independence, one you will discover rich and rewarding.

Each year thousands of people become victims of stroke, when they fail to recognize the early warning signs:

  • Sudden weakness in your arm, leg or hands.
  • The impression that you are not able to feel one side of your face or body.
  • Difficulty seeing or experienced temporarily blurriness from one eye.
  • Difficulty walking or experiencing balancing problems.
  • The worst headache of your life…

If you have experienced one or more of the symptoms above, your life may be at risk. Stroke is increasingly prevalent in modern times. Call your doctor immediately or visit the nearest ER!

Risk factors that may contribute to stroke include:

  • Increasing Age
  • Gender
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Family History
  • Why you may not have the ability to control these risk-factors

There are however, many other risk factors you can control to reduce your odds of having a stroke. What are these risk factors and how can you eliminate them?

Keep reading to learn more…

Call 911 If Your Loved One Has Trouble Smiling, Can’t Raise Your Arms, Have Difficulty Seeing, Or Can’t Repeat An Easy Sentence…

These may all be signs of a stroke. Early intervention is often critical to enhancing one’s lifestyle and ability to cope following a stroke.

According to the National Institutes of Health, National Stroke Association, American Heart Association and many other authoritative bodies on stroke, the effects of stroke on the body are numerous.

The good news is with early intervention and proper rehabilitation, many stroke survivors and family members can go on to lead renewed lives. You can too. The first step to your success? You have to recognize the warning symptoms of stroke, so you avoid having a recurrent episode which may lead to further damage to your body and your life.

Here Are Some Warning Signs:

  • Loss of sensation of paralysis on one side of the body.
  • Difficulty understanding and communicating language.
  • Trouble with visual perception which may include blurry vision.
  • Impaired cognitive functioning that may include problems with judgment or memory.
  • Difficulty coordinating daily tasks including: walking, balancing or moving.

The impacts of stroke can be devastating for the more than 700,000 people that suffer from stroke each year.

The good news is when armed with knowledge and information; you can learn to lead an extraordinary life even following a devastating stroke. One of the most important desires stroke survivors have is the ability to regain an independent lifestyle. How is this achieved?

This is often achieved through rehabilitation, support and counseling, as well as caring for one’s individual health related problems following a stroke.

“The only work that will ultimately bring any good to any of us is the work of contributing to the healing of others…“ Adapted from M. Williamson

Friends and loved ones also find they are confused about how to cope with a loved one’s loss. Fortunately, there is help and guidance just a moment away. Friends and family can learn to heal others and heal their own sense of loss by learning more about life following a stroke.

In two minutes, you can download and read “Life After A Stroke” a moving, tell-all guide that teaches survivors, caregivers and close family how to cope with the after effects of stroke. Using this guide you can learn how to regain some of your independence and improve the quality of your life to the greatest extent possible.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could learn to communicate with others in a sensible, logical and non-frustrating manner…

While you may not return to the state of health you were in before having a stroke, there is much evidence suggesting with proper knowledge and information, you can lead a rich and rewarding life.

Are you ready to take back you life?

Perhaps you are a caregiver looking for guidance and support while caring for a family member or loved one suffering from stroke. No matter the case, you’ve landed in just the right place to find the information you need.

Introducing a Revolutionary New Approach To Healing… Find out how to improve the quality of YOUR life and that of your loved ones, by adopting a few simple, common-sense strategies.

Download Your Copy Now

In this unique and gentle approach to Stroke, learn everything there is to know about stroke whether a survivor, friend, family member or caregiver.

This important guide contains information that will:

  • Educate you about the immediate aftereffects of stroke, so you know what to expect and how to overcome setbacks in the early weeks following a stroke.
  • Teach you how to set goals following a stroke that will speed the progression of your healing.
  • Help you understand what rehabilitation is all about, including what forms of rehabilitation are available and how they can improve your quality of life and standard of living.
  • Help you discover and learn new and innovative tools for treating the physical symptoms of stroke, including spasticity and muscle pain.
  • Tell you about new ways of treating old problems, including use of a popular cosmetic procedure that may reduce muscle tightness and help improve coordination and balance.
  • Teach you what ITB therapy is and how it can improve delivery of targeted medications to your system, so you feel better faster, longer.
  • Show you how to set up an individual approach to rehabilitation that aligns with your personal needs, goals and interests.
  • Learn how to avoid future strokes…

Someone who has had a stroke is almost twice as like to experience another. Learn the 2 most important steps you can take to prevent future strokes and enhance your odds for an improved quality of life following stroke.

Friends, Family and Caregivers

Friends, family and caregivers also need support and guidance during the period of time following a stroke. The good news is in Life After Stroke, you can learn how to communicate and reevaluate each member of a household’s roles, so everyone enjoys an improved quality of life when caring for a loved one.

Most importantly, Life After Stroke offers hope for the future. When you have nowhere else to turn, you always have hope.

Our goal in writing this book is to get the message out about stroke. To that effect, we want to make sure you are armed with as much information as possible about stroke.

To ensure your satisfaction and your comfort when ordering your guide, we are willing to offer you a no-risk opportunity to enjoy Life After Stroke… and then some!

While we hate to force you to commit to anything you are uncomfortable about, we do insist you commit to your well being. Life after a stroke can be challenging, but the more information and education you have, the better able you will be to face life and learn to adapt to your new life.

Discover you can transform any disability you may experience resulting from your stroke into ability.

So act now. Find out how you can vastly improve the quality of your life. You deserve it.

Yes, YOUR NAME, I want to order Life After A Stroke and learn how to live my live to the fullest after a stroke.
With my order, I realize I have a full 60 days to review this guide. If, at that time, I decide this guide is not for me, I can request a full refund – no questions asked.

Simply click the button below to be taken to our secure payment processor, and you will be transferred to the download page immediately following your payment.

Let us teach you how to heal yourself and others in this trying time. Find out how to reward yourself in ways never before expected.

Click Here and in just two minutes, you too can start the journey toward healing and progress… Remember, HOPE is never lost when you have FAITH and a proper education…

Get all for a mere $29.99 through the secure servers of PayPal.

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If you know of persons, who can benefit from these products, please make their day and refer them to this page; they may thank you forever!

**Important information about this product. This digital product is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Only a qualified healthcare professional can offer medical advice. If you suspect you have depression or any illness, contact your healthcare provider immediately for an accurate diagnosis. By ordering and reviewing this guide, you agree to relinquish all liability associated with this products use. The information provided is offered on an “as is” basis with no warranties.

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