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How to become a movie producer

Posted by: | Posted on: November 3, 2018

How to become a movie producer header image

How to become a Movie Producer | Film Maker

How to become a Movie Producer | Film Maker and at the same time master the art and science of movie special effects.

These two comprehensive manuals will teach you everything you need to know about how to make movies.

If you’ve ever wanted the secrets to making your own film, here it is:

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Have you ever wanted to make your own film? Is there a story you want to tell? You might even think that this is impossible. “Studios make films, not the little guy”. This is probably what you tell yourself. Do you watch films with more than a casual eye? You probably want to know how they were able to get perfect lighting in your favorite scene, or how to write a professional screenplay. Do you watch the Actor’s Studio and hang on every word they say? My last question is, do sit in your seat at the movie when it’s over watching the credits as everyone else files out the door .

Why Don’t You Make Your Own Movie?

I know you have dreamed about it, but have you ever seriously contemplated making your own film? Yes Virginia, you too can make your own film, all on your own. If you have played with the idea of what it would be like to direct a film then you have already made an imaginary plan. Why not make it a reality. What else are you doing with your time, going to work at the factory everyday?

Are you thinking that Film making is only for studios and professionals? I believe that Independent film has changed all the rules. Doors are opening all over for aspiring filmmakers. Why not give it a try, what do you have to lose? With a little imagination and a lot of hard work you can do this, but you need the basics to get your started. If you feel like you don’t know where to start the process, I will show you.

How to make movies insider tips:

How to become a movie producer e-book e-cover

This E-book will give you the necessary information in film making that it would take a couple years in college to get. Not to mention hefty tuition fees. Everything you will need to know to get started is in this publication. I give you the benefit of what I have learned over the years. With this information you should be able to get started with a professional looking film. Who needs the studio to make a film when you can do it yourself.

With How to make movies insider tips you will benefit by…

1) You will be able to go from Pre-production to Post-production once you read How to make movies insider tips.

You will have the information you need to go from concept to screenplay and from the shoot to Post-production. You will discover how easy it is to make your own film with info on how to make your film look as professional as possible.

2) Promotion, Film Festivals and Distribution.

Once your film is finished you will get the tips on how to promote it. You will learn the value of film festivals in the film making process. All the info written in this E-book will assist you in getting to distribution.

Here is what you will learn inside this 82 page guide:

The basics of making movies
How to start film making as a kid
How to make a home movie
How to start a career in film or video production
How to write a feature film script
How to write, direct and edit your own movie
How to create a good experimental film
How to make a short film
How to make a movie
How to make a horror film
How to create a good documentary film
How to create a low budget movie
How to be an independent film maker
How to create a good animated film
How to make a professional film
How to become a film buff
4 Tips to Picking the Best Film School for You
Choosing a Good School – Is It Necessary to Make a Feature Film?
3 Pieces of Essential Sound Equipment
Making Appropriate Sound Equipment Choices
5 Tips to Creating the Best Feature Film Ever
Average Length of Feature Film Scripts
Best Time of Year to Shoot Your Feature Film
Developing Characters to Ensure a Hit Film
Ensuring the Success of Your Feature Film with Actors
Essential Tips to Shoot the Best Film of Your Career
Following the Schedule of Film Maker Success
Getting Your Next Feature Film Script off the Ground
Is Professional Equipment Necessary to Create a Feature Film?
Is Software Necessary in Feature Film Creation?
Lighting Tips for Feature Films
Managing the Feature Film Script to Be Successful
Organizing Your Film Shoot in 4 Easy Steps
Protecting Legal Rights During Filming Your Feature Film
Recording Your Next Feature Film with Professional Results
Script Issues – Write Yourself or Find a Writer
To Show or Not to Show – Deciding if Your Feature Film Should be Shared
Ultimate Ideas Exposed – 3 of the Top Suggestions You Will Find
Ultimate Suggestions to Creating Night Scenes in a Feature Film
Where to Spend Money When Creating A Feature Film
Your Enemy in a Feature Film Budget

How Much Is That Worth To You?

This E-book will cut through all the double-talk and cover only the pertinent info that you need to make your own film. This is not about film theory and critical viewing, it is the nuts and bolts of film making. This information in other books are spread out over 3 or 4 full books.

Why wait, you can have your start in making films as soon as you purchase this download. After all, making a film takes time and the longer you wait the longer you will be spinning your wheels just thinking about getting started.

Once you finish this E-book you will have all the info you need to get started. You will learn how to handle a camera, sound equipment and lights. You will also learn how to take your story, ideas and concepts and bring them to life on film. Don’t sit around waiting for your ideas to grow wings and fly, make it happen. Order How to make movies insider tips today and get started on making your film.

Bonuses with this purchase:

Bonus #1: The Art and Science of Movie Special Effects:

The art and science of movie special effects e-book e-cover

Like to see how Special Effects Blockbusters are made in Hollywood? If you had been intrigued by the stunning Special Effects in today’s movies and wondered how it’s all done, you’re just about to find out; from this Brand-New E-Book titled “The Art and Science of Movie Special Effects”. This E-Book reveals it all. In simple, plain English, the book explains the basic concepts behind these mind-blowing effects.

Once you understand the concepts, you will be able to comprehend the techniques used to achieve these effects. Using simple, jargon-free language, this book introduces you to a wide variety of effects techniques, from the simple to the most complex.

Table of contents:
Movie Special Effects – The Basic Concepts
The History of Movie Special Effects
Special Effects Techniques
– Stationary Matte
– Travelling Matte
– Animatronics
– Computer Graphics and Animation
Special Effects Pioneers
– Ray Harryhausen
– Walt Disney
– Cecil B. DeMille
Motion Control Cameras
How to Setup a Full-fledged Special Effects/Animation Studio
– The Content Creation Department
– The Editing Department
– The Render Farm
– The Data Storage & Networking Department
How Does One Get Into The Special Effects Industries
Special Effects Resources

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in Hollywood’s Special Effects studios! Take a look at the ingenious techniques employed to create these outrageous effects. Learn closely-guarded secrets that are never revealed to the average human being.

Become a Special Effects Wizard!!! Shock your friends with your amazing technical knowledge!

Bonus #2: Master resell rights to both e-books, plus this sales page and all the graphics. Is that fair or what?

Look at it this way – $47 really is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you can save yourself by avoiding all the other books and tutorials out there. Why spend a fortune learning how to quilt, when you can do so for a much better price?

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P.S. Remember when I said you will learn to bring your story to life? Well I will show you how to make your production professional, while protecting your ideas. You will learn where to go to promote your film and how to develop a fan base for your film.

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