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How to sell any product without your own website

Posted by: | Posted on: Oct 16, 2017


How to sell any product without your own website.

It works for digital and physical products.

Nowadays the new smartphones already have the Adobe Reader Application loaded in the phones for seamless reading of PDF files. Some of the older smartphones may not have it, but can install it from these two locations for free:

Android Smartphones

IPhone Smartphones

Adobe Acrobat Reader, the PDF Reader for Kindle tablet and Kindle Fire tablet, can be installed from the Amazon application store for free.

1. Create a brochure, catalogue or album in MS Word and list the product(s), with images and descriptions, you want to sell online. One can also create a traditional sales page instead of using HTML.

2. Get your PayPal buy button image and the HTML code, but use the one for insertion in emails. If you are unsure of how to do this, get help from someone else.

3. Insert your buy button image into your Word document, normally near the end of the document.

4. Insert your HTML code as a Hyperlink onto the buy button image.

5. When you have finished your document, save it, where you can again retrieve it.

6. From inside your Word document, Export it by clicking “File” at the left top options and click on “Export” and then again on the PDF option. Word will then create a PDF file.

7. Rename the PDF file so there are no spaces between words in the name. Use underscore or a hyphen to connect empty spaces in the file name.

8. Test your buy button link in your PDF file to make sure it reacts correctly to fill your pocket with money.

9. Upload your PDF file to a cloud server. I use Google Drive as my cloud server. When you create a Google email account, you also get 15 gigabytes storage space for free. Again, if you are unsure of how to do it, get outside help.

10. You must then log in to your cloud server and change the privacy settings, so outsiders can view and download your PDF file from Internet browsers. Again, if you are unsure of how to do it, get outside help. If you use the Google cloud server, you will see the following icon at the top, which must be clicked, to change the privacy settings.


11. First click on your PDF file to highlight it, then on the icon featured above.

12. When you are done with changing the privacy setting, click on the following icon.


13. What happens then is that the correct link is copied to your device clipboard automatically. When you then open for instance notepad, you can just use “Paste” to insert the link into Notepad.

14. Create a Facebook page. When you do a post on your page by also putting your file link inside your post, Facebook will call up the file with the top image inside your first page of the file (see that you have an image after the document title) and automatically display it after a few seconds. No need to add a separate image. It will in any case not bear the link.

15. You will then have to pin your post to the top, so visitors can see and click on it. Again, if you are unsure of how to do it, get outside help.

16. You can also create a Facebook group and use the same tactics for the group.

17. Here are a few examples, which you can try out to see what happens.

First go to this post on our website and click on some of the album images you can find there:


Now go to one of our Facebook pages after you have logged in to Facebook:


Click on the post at the top or scroll down till you see this icon:

pin icon

Then click on this Album image:


Now go to one of our boards on Pinterest; they may also require you to sign in first.


Click on a few of the album images.

There may be many other websites where you can apply the same type of tactics, like Twitter, Instagram, G+ and others.

The next thing to do is to figure out how to entice eyes to your offers. It may be best to figuring that out before you create anything on social websites.

Fifteen other popular international payment processors:


See many other methods to sell anything online, without having a website.

Just click on the image below:


Why do we use PayPal? Because they operate in 203 countries.

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