International award

International star for quality in leadership

International award

International Gold Star Award to “Global Association for Managers” in 2015 for quality in leadership.

We have in the meantime simplified our name by omitting the “corporate”  part.

Here is a partial extract of what the award means, as published by the international authority body:

Quality in leadership award

How was your company selected?

Your company was selected through a system of votes, polls and recommendations. Companies awarded in previous years have the privilege of voting for organizations that they know, or with which they have business relations. It is a secret vote. Companies who wish to apply for a BID award have the opportunity of voting through the polls that our organization sends by mail. BID also carries out telephone polls among regular clients and companies with which it works. They respond to our questions and give their votes. Another form of voting is through the form available on the BID web page, through which a company from any country can propose a candidate from any part of the world.

All of the information collected through the aforementioned methods is delivered to the International Star for Leadership in Quality Selection Committee, formed by business leaders in different sectors who vote for other business leaders. This data is matched with information from press and advertising agencies, consulting firms, embassies, national chambers of commerce, specialized trade fairs, publications in written and digital format, both public and acquired through purchase.

Who voted for your company?

Your company has been voted for by presidents, leaders and management personnel of companies oriented towards quality and who admire your company and believe you to merit this award.

Who makes up the jury?

The International Star for Leadership in Quality jury is made up of experienced professionals from the business world, specialized in quality, excellence and customer service. The jury is presided over by Jose E. Prieto, CEO of BID and President of the International Star for Leadership in Quality. Alfonso Casal, PhD in physics and mathematics and Professor at the University of Madrid is the Vice President of the International Star for Leadership in Quality. Doctors Antonio Martínez and Enrique Llorente are co-authors of the QC100 model. Additionally, presidents of previously awarded companies collaborate voluntarily with the jury, presenting other candidates for the International Star for Leadership in Quality.

The members of the jury analyze information submitted by the BID Evaluation Committee, formed by business leaders of different sectors. After the candidates are evaluated, the nominees are presented for voting.

What happens at the convention?

Every year, delegates from companies from across the globe attend the convention in Paris, one of the world’s most important cities. The Convention takes place in the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile (Concorde La Fayette), where delegates enjoy the gala dinner and receive the award for their respective companies. This is a gathering for business leaders to present their companies before an international audience, share their achievements in quality culture and receive a prestigious award in the world of quality.

As a private organization, BID began its program for quality awards and quality sharing culture in 1986, prior to other internationally recognized awards such as the Baldrige award in the U.S. (August 1987).

What does the award consist of?

The award consists of a trophy and a certified statement of quality, which, upon receiving the award, is acquired by the company as a commitment to its clients and employees to quality programs.

What is the QC100?

It is a quality model to aid company presidents and managers to spread quality culture among their employees and clients. It allows winning companies to implement a reliable quality model to cover expectations of their performance, products and services, to work better, improve capability and efficiency, to maximize results, make better decisions and reduce costs.

How will your company benefit from attending the convention in Paris?

Your company will benefit immediately from the news generated by the award on an international level. It is a unique award, given to entrepreneurs and managers of medium and large organizations of noteworthy quality. Those companies that were previously honoured with the award are now distinguished by their support through voting for nominees. Some of these companies are among the 500 most successful on a global level.

The presentation of the Award took place during the ceremony at the BID International Convention for Quality, Innovation and Excellence in Paris, France, on June 27th and 28th 2015, when we received the International Star for Leadership in Quality in the GOLD category, unfortunately in our absence.

We think our comments in certain groups on LinkedIn, which were regarded by many members as controversial, as evidenced by the heavy reaction, must have been noticed, together with three articles courageously expressed and published by us on how governments in capitalistic systems have become fat cats like kingdoms, instead of becoming lean and mean machines, with minimal taxes.

See some of the articles here.

The international authority body has in the meantime revamped its web site to the following:

Click the e-book image below to read the amazing revelations in a PDF file:

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