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Leadership development for the fourth industrial revolution

Leadership 4

Leadership development for supervisors, managers and business owners

Improve your destiny with present-day decisions.

Inspire the best efforts from the human capital assets around you with team leadership skills.

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Read every page and post to see why it will be worthwhile to embark on this journey with us. Leadership skills and abilities can be learned. All one needs to improve leadership competencies is to understand what skills to develop and what methods to use in the work environment.

Any supervisor or manager on any level can improve leadership abilities.

Team leadership in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

How to stay on the forefront with team leadership in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

We give you everything, not only to survive, but to prosper during the fourth industrial revolution.

It is just a question of how one gains the information and knowledge and how to use and apply it for self-improvement and improvement of others in the present and future work environments.

What is the meaning of “the fourth industrial revolution”? Read the meanings on these pages:





Job contents will change. Job requirements will change. Required job knowledge will change. Education content will change. Robots will replace routine production tasks. Hover craft usage will increase. Flying cars are already in the making. Many jobs will be replaced by robots.

The fourth industrial revolution has already arrived in the following forms:

  • Smartphones
  • Digital apps
  • Digital storage
  • Digital communications
  • Remote control flying hover crafts
  • Remote control water crafts
  • Remote control robots
  • Prototype dual adaptive flying cars
  •  3 D Printing
  • Bitcoin tracker pro
  • 5 G Network
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Speakers

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According to the World Economic Forum, the following skills will grow in importance for 2022 (precisely what we are trying to dish out on a platter!):

  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Active learning and learning strategies
  • Creativity, originality and initiative
  • Technology design and programming
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Reasoning, problem-solving and idea creation
  • Systems analysis and evaluation
The big question is this: “How are you going to re-position yourself for the fourth industrial revolution?”

The time is now to adapt or suffer forever after!

The only constant, which will remain, is creativity. How do we change human beings to become more creative? Creative thinking and techniques to improve creative thinking, will become of utmost importance; much more so than in the past eras.

It will be much more of how to improve and increase human brain functions.

Leadership behaviour, leadership styles, leadership types, leadership methods and leadership skills to increase and enhance creativity in our work forces, will become of paramount importance.

It will be expected from present day managers and supervisors to provide a work environment and work atmosphere for employee members, which will be much more conducive for stimulation of their enthusiasm, motivation, creative thinking abilities and desires for growth and promotion.

To view what is coming just do a Google search for: “new trends in technology for 2019”. Do it for following years as well.

In short: We deliver the tools for members to re-position themselves as more competent superiors to influence and empower subordinates to greater enthusiasm, motivation, self-satisfaction, self-actualization, creativity and productivity.

We have therefore also adapted our training to make provision for the new challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. See the proof of our own research on this page.
Here are a few examples of some of the first 1/2 year products:

1. Team leadership for the fourth industrial revolution:

Team leadership for the fourth industrial revolution e-guide e-cover

2. The Inventors handbook – ideas to patents (56 pages):

Inventors handbook e-guide e-cover

3. The book of personal transformation – how to use ancient wisdom to create a new life for yourself (38 pages):

The book of personal transformation - how to use ancient wisdom to create a new life for yourself e-guide-e-cover

4. The secrets behind creativity – hidden ways to unlock innovation (54 pages):

Secrets behind creativity e-guide e-cover

5. Unleash the creative new you (55 pages):

Unleash the creative new you e-guide e-cover

6. The power of mind mapping E-guide (27 pages):

Mindmap handbook e-guide e-cover

7. Mind mapping PC software:

Mindmap free software e-cover

8. Cracking creativity E-guide (104 pages):

Cracking creativity e-guide e-cover

 9. The creative process in the individual (61 pages):

The creative process in the individual e-guide e-cover

The nine products displayed above, are just a few of the first 1/2 year products.

Get all the first 1/2 year, second 1/2 year and third 1/2 year products by joining our membership. Pay only a small one-time fee for a lifelong membership. There will be no further fees.

We are open 24/7 for membership enrollment.

In summary, we therefore provide the following:

First 1/2 year: Leadership training modules for re-orientation of leadership style to increase higher creativity and productivity on all levels throughout the organisation.

Second 1/2 year: Entrepreneurship training modules to facilitate the transition from employee to employer for more business start-ups.

Third 1/2 year: Training modules to transfer knowledge to other employees. 

A visual display of first six months, second six months and third six months training modules, are inside three video slideshows on the page Summary of membership products.

Membership can start on any day in a year, including holidays. The recommended study period for each of the three groups of training e-guides is six months, bringing the total study period to 18 months.

 Stay on top of the fourth industrial revolution happenings, by joining this unique membership we are offering, so we can jointly share in these times of prosperity.

The second six months period will provide members with everything they may need for successful online and offline Entrepreneurship.

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What is the meaning of Entrepreneurship? Read it here:




You, as the reader, must by now realise that you will get much more value than the asking membership fee. Other institutions have an asking price of over $400.00 for only one module or subject.

One does not have to be able to develop any of the new technologies oneself, but must be able to understand, use and utilise it for the benefit of all.

There is one golden thread for the success of all efforts regarding creativity, which comes down to how one treats subordinates to build their self-worth and self-confidence, as it will in turn increase their creativity.

Members will also be endowed with the best scientifically proven decision-making methods.

“A person in a position of authority can only be as good as the subordinates can make him/her”.

Quote: “Encourage and empower subordinates to empower yourself!”

Your success as manager or aspirant manager will depend greatly on the competencies of the human capital assets you manage.

Innovative thinking techniques and radical thinking techniques are both all-important for the future.

Job enrichment for subordinates is the name of the second game!

The once-off membership fee of $29.99 will not last forever, but may go up soon!

At the moment the offered value in products is way too high for the asking price. The true value is more likely in the region of $10 000.00! So, do not wait too long!

Oxford University branded “Leadership for the fourth industrial revolution” as “Leadership 4”. See it in this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/zSKcUVtM15E

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has not yet developed a standard for Leadership 4.

Also see this article and this video by the World Economic Forum.

See this flying motorcycle:

Read the full story of the flying motorcycle here.

Where will you end up with Leadership 4?

As the saying goes: “The early birds catch the worms”.

The payment buttons are on our membership page.

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