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Development of Entrepreneurship

Development of entrepreneurship header

Development of Entrepreneurship

Development of Entrepreneurship Traits and Skills

Development of Entrepreneurship Traits and Skills for improvement of Entrepreneurship abilities in PDF training manuals

In order to help alleviate the worldwide unemployment rate and encourage new business start-ups and improvement of existing businesses, we have put together a huge information package of digital EBooks and training manuals, in the hope that more people can learn from it and create employment opportunities.

There is especially a high rate of unemployment under the younger generation or millennials, as they are named.

Break loose from employee to employer

The training manuals listed here on this page can increase the success rate of anyone, who wants to transition from employee to being an employer as business owner, who takes the necessary actions of joining and studying.

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Category 1: Development of entrepreneurship skills in PDF training manuals:

  • Building the business brain to transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur essentials – How to develop the mindset of a businessman even without business skills
  • Entrepreneur mindset secrets – Develop the ultimate mindset for success – A guide to the online entrepreneur’s mindset – Think Right, Make It Big
  • The book of powerful entrepreneur traits
  • Inventor’s handbook – Ideas to patents
  • The successful entrepreneur 100 tips
  • The best article ever written on integrity
  • Business Ethics by USA Department of Commerce
  • The historical development of mankind morality and the importance of upholding high moral values

Category 2: Build motivation and inspiration to reach success as Entrepreneur in PDF training manuals:

  • Emotional intelligence – An introduction
  • Believe it and You WILL Achieve it! – Success is a state of the mind!
  • Inspirational ideas – Get inspired and empowered with the most inspiring thoughts and wisdom of the Century
  • Internalized Motivation – How to sustain unlimited motivation to achieve your goals in the long run
  • Life coaching and motivation for a happy successful life
  • What Steve Jobs Taught Us – Entrepreneurial Lessons From Steve Jobs
  • Taking Action In Spite Of Imperfection – How To Break Through Analytical Constipation And Paralysis In Order To Get Things Done Even If Things Are Imperfect!
  • The motivation companion – 77 ways to get yourself motivated anytime so you can reach your goals faster
  • The secrets behind creativity – Hidden ways to unlock innovation
  • The power of goals – How to set goals, get more done and accomplish more in life

Category 3: Tactics for improved business success in PDF training manuals:

  • Better business planning – The secrets behind developing a successful business plan
  • Building Your Organization On Autopilot – “Secrets Revealed On How To Get People To Build Your Network For You!”
  • How to identify business opportunities and make the most of them – The indispensable guide to choosing the right business that is suitable for you
  • Business X Factor – How to give your business that X factor it needs to boost sales and brand awareness
  • How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan – Your plan is your success
  • Internet Business Goldmines – A goldmine of Internet businesses you can start today
  • A guide to making projects work
  • Speed success secrets for Internet marketing – Accelerated learning techniques for Internet marketing newbies
  • Discovering the underground home business revolution – Build the right attitude and learn the secrets of those secretly cashing in big time in the comfort of their homes
  • How to overcome Failure and achieve SUCCESS, by Napoleon Hill

Category 4: Get a deeper understanding of money-making businesses in PDF training manuals:

  • As a man thinketh – As a person thinketh, so he/she is – As a person thinketh, so he/she becomes – By James Allen – New version, with 8 audios included
  • Abundant Thinking – Achieving the Rich-Dad Mindset
  • Grow rich while you sleep, by Ben Sweetland
  • Secrets of the subconscious millionaire mind – How to wire your financial blueprint to create unlimited wealth on autopilot in an Internet age
  • The magic of thinking really, really big in the internet Era – Apply the timeless principles of success by thinking bigger in an even faster Era with information and knowledge at your fingertips
  • Becoming the richest man in post-modern Babylon – Collections of money related wisdom gathered from timeless principles and parables
  • Think and grow rich in the knowledge Era – Practical methods on earning big money in the 21st Century – Learn how to develop a winner’s mindset on the Internet marketing platform and become successful in the shortest possible time
  • Thinking bigger – Keys to aiming higher and achieving bigger goals in life to realise your full potential
  • The science of getting rich – Bestseller by Wallace Wattles
  • THINK and GROW RICH, by Napoleon Hill (259 pages)

Category 5: Simplified accounting principles made easy to understand in PDF training manuals:

  • Accounting principles
  • Assessing financial performance
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Interpretation of financial statements
  • Reading of a balance sheet.

Category 6: The seven habits of highly effective people EBook, with seven audios.

All the above PDF training manuals are available for the amount of $49.97.

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The alternative way to get all these products plus a lot of other products, is to buy membership for $60.00 on our membership page. Most of the products listed above, come with some or other form of resell rights.

Those visitors, who want to see more detail, can download and open the PDF catalogue, by clicking the image below:

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