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Paid membership for entrance into the leadership improvement club for managers

Paid membership to improve destinies in life.

If you wish to improve an organisation or a career in an organisation, be it a private or public organisation, then this membership is for you.

Here with us, individuals can cloak themselves with new knowledge and skills, not only to get promoted in a current organisation, but also become enabled to move on to new jobs in other organisations, start a new business enterprise as entrepreneur, improve/expand an existing business or any other organisation and at the same time play a role, however small or big, in alleviation of poverty and unemployment.

Three late extra specials for members:

These three publications are for the exclusive personal use of members only and are nowhere else available. It may not be re-distributed under any circumstances. It may only be in possession of persons, who enrolled as members of Global Association for Managers.

1. Your complete success in life as a partner, lover, spouse, parent, entrepreneur, grandparent and everything else! A balanced successful life is locked up in only 36 pages.

The secret mental awareness only a few will ever discover over a lifetime on this planet!

Balanced successful life e-guide e-cover

Here are a few extracts from inside this one-of-a-kind e-book:

  • “Your success is just an attitude away.”
  • “It is never too late for you to succeed or too soon to fail.”
  • “Resources are internal; opportunities are external.”
  • “Your success depends on what you can do, not on what you cannot do.”
  • “The only appropriate measure of your success is your success.”
  • “Success is reaching goals, changing your life.”
  • “Success is never absolute.”
  • “You can help people succeed but you cannot prevent their failure.”
  • “Communicate for success.”
  • “Your success depends on who you know but depends more on who knows you.”
  • “People are constants, problems are variables.”
  • “Once you step up to the plate, you are the batter.”
  • “Expand your thinking to prevent closing your mind.”
  • “Your success depends on your ability to deal with change and with the unexpected.”
  • “Square up to your personal monkey bridge and then just do it.”
  • “Success is a matter of PRIDE.”

2. Fifty things the most successful business people have in common:

50 Things successful people have in common e-guide e-cover

Table of contents (58 pages):



50 things to do to make a killing online on the Internet

Part 1 – Opportunity

  • Introduction
  • Overview on Opportunity
  • Understanding Opportunity
  • Missed Chances – Sound Familiar?
  • If I Could Only Give You One Tip – It Would Be This
  • Yours for the Taking
  • Proof This Works. One of the Examples Out of the Pile
  • Stop Doing It on Your Own
  • For Immediate Results.
  • Always on the Lookout: Try It for Yourself Tomorrow Morning & See What Happens…
  • Summary

Part 2 – Online Marketing

  • Overview on Online Marketing
  • Understanding Online Marketing
  • The Fundamentals of Online Business
  • Why Are You Here?
  • This Is Real Business
  • Your Personality Gets You Noticed
  • Your Personal Resource Reserve
  • On to the Good Bits. How Much Money Will You Make?
  • You’ve Got All the Time in the World
  • Why we’re All Special
  • Summary

Part 3 – Success

  • Overview on Success
  • Top 10 Reasons for Success
  • Are You Listening to the Right People?
  • I Bet You Know More Than You Think
  • Wasting Time without Even Knowing It
  • Avoiding the Dirty Bits. Does This Sound Like You?
  • Don’t Listen to the Big Guys… Are You Crazy?
  • Broken Vase Syndrome
  • I’m Worried I Can’t / Won’t Succeed
  • Knowledge Really Is Power
  • The Freebie Magnet
  • Never On Your Own
  • Summary

Part 4 – Health

  • Overview on Health
  • Keeping Your Most Powerful Resource. Healthy – Yourself
  • Number One.
  • Number Two.
  • Number Three.
  • Number Four.
  • Number five.
  • Number Six.
  • Number Seven.

Part 5 – Final Thoughts

  • Overview on Final Thoughts
  • A Few Last Words
  • Monitoring Your Success
  • Factors That Hinder Success
  • Prepare Yourself
  • Everlasting Ideas for Your Business
  • Gradual Progress
  • Keep Building Those Resources – The Key to Quick Success
  • Mistakes Are Good
  • I Can’t, Because…
  • Summary

Now it’s Your Turn

3. Powerful “offline” marketing in the Internet Age – 101 ways to promote your business for maximum profits (52 pages):

101 Ways to promote a business offline for maximum profits in the Internet era e-guide e-cover

You are herewith invited to join this leadership improvement club and take off on an enjoyable and lucrative journey with us!

Career climbing club logo

Don’t forget to check out the slideshow at the bottom of this page! There is a surprising, ridiculous offer inside, one would not want to miss out on; not even in a lifetime! It is available for a limited time only! It is a golden opportunity!

Members get all the products mentioned below under the following four points or headings:

Number 1: All the products for our for our subscribers (120). To view the product images, see it in this photo album.

Number 2: All our leadership improvement products, which we have arranged into a PDF photo album. See it by using this link.

Number 3. All the products to encourage Entrepreneurship, which can be viewed inside a PDF photo album by clicking this link.

Learn how to become an effective team leader and how to transfer the same skills to other team members.

Learn how to motivate and inspire team members to become a person of creative influence.

Our main emphasis is on team leadership competencies, as it is regarded as the best development area to ensure the fastest financial benefits for business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders and all other career occupations and most job titles one can think off!

Most of us, in all careers and professions, realise too late in our lives the importance of team leadership!

Read all about the blind spot most of us have for “team leadership” here in this article post.

Are you going to be one of those wishing too late, that you could have cloaked yourself earlier with team leadership skills?

Number 4: Membership certificate:

Members will be able to complete and print out the certificate, frame it and put it on display at home, at work and any other prominent preferred place, announcing to the world that this member is improving his/her management and leadership capabilities. It is a certificate of membership and participation.

Find the buy buttons for GAFM Lifetime Membership right here on this page.

If one buys all these products individually, it will amount to about $10 000.00. Membership therefore comes at a massive discount of 98.25%; without even considering the benefits it can bring for a career.

Reaching higher management and leadership maturity levels faster, can mean quicker promotion and perpetual future career climbing.

GAFM Lifetime Membership can take one to the top! On 2018-05-08 the currency conversion rate was 1 USD = 12.5909 ZAR. Therefore $60.00 USD x 12.5909 = ZAR R755.45.

GAFM Lifetime Membership once-off full payment of USA $60.00:

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There are no qualification restrictions to join, so that persons who may have missed out on further education, can also get a chance here to improve their knowledge base for future career progress.This is for persons with a desire to improve their own management and leadership skills and who, at the same time, want to improve an organization in the private or public sectors. In short, if one wants to improve one’s destiny in life in the shortest possible time, with all the self-training guides, then one must hit the buy button on this page here below.

It is a once-off payment for life. There will be no further recurring fees ever.

In case you still have any doubts about joining, avail yourself of the cost of similar training materials from some other sites, then make a comparison to our cost and we guarantee you will get absolute peace of mind:

Comparable prices of other online training Institutions:

Corporatetrainingmaterials.com: ……$499.99 per single course
Trainerbubble.com: …………………..$65.00 – $3250.00 per single course
Trainingcoursematerial.com: ………..$149.95 per single course
Skillsconverged.com: …………………$246.99 per single course
Human Capital Institute: ……………..$1,995 per single certification course
Association for Talent Development: $179.00 – $279.00 per year

Membership can improve one’s leadership skills to get the best efforts out of oneself and out of other human beings around oneself. Learn how to unlock the latent, hidden talents you have been unaware of up to now!

Enrich yourself with only four sets of competencies to become a formidable and dynamic leader.

GAFM Lifetime Membership once-off full payment of USA $60.00:

GAFM Lifetime Membership once-off full payment of USA $60.00:

Paypal buy button

Continuous education is the only way open for continuous intellectual growth instead of stagnation!

Enrich yourself with only four sets of competencies to become a formidable and dynamic leader.

“One can show a horse the water, but cannot make it drink it!”

Get our training to increase your usefulness and prosperity!

Benefits of our team leadership skills training:

1. Superior knowledge of how to motivate team members.
2. Superior knowledge of how to inspire team members.
3. Superior knowledge of how to increase team member engagement and dedication.
4. Superior knowledge of how to increase team member job performance.
5. Superior knowledge of how to get the edge for the next promotion opportunity.
6. Superior knowledge of how to improve all-round usefulness in any organisation.
7. Superior knowledge of innovative thinking techniques for multiple problem-solving and improvements.
8. Superior knowledge of how to improve a section, department, a whole business and any organisation performance.
9. Universal application of knowledge on all hierarchical levels in any organisation.
10. Exhibit quick higher competency in matters of communication, motivation, leadership, team leadership, performance management and strategic planning, to others around you in the workplace.
11. Gain unbelievable fast improved results for own and subordinate efforts.
12. Make more valuable and worthwhile contributions in meetings and problem-solving sessions.
13. Quickly earn higher respect in the workplace than what you already have.
14. Create jaw dropping and eye popping unexpected surprises continuously.
15. Astonish and impress others with your sudden new-found knowledge and wisdom.

This site exists mainly for self-improvement.

Membership is for those who have the willpower for self-improvement in a work or occupational environment.

Members get a huge variety of products, covering many tutorial topics to learn from. However a member can choose which of the many to use for own improvement and which to use for commercial reselling (90% of the products come with resell rights).

All millennials and newcomers to the labour market can boost their influence and career progress from early on in a career life. Make your talents shine through from this month, this week and this day, so you can live up to your potential and start to reap the benefits almost immediately, instead of waiting for lost time into the future.

GAFM Lifetime Membership once-off full payment of USA $60.00:

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Here below is an example of one of our short training manuals, titled “The hierarchical differentiation of management functions”, especially designed for our paid-up members. It also serves as a brief illustration of the expertise and quality of our training manuals! You will notice that we have a direct approach, by making concepts crystal clear with minimal words and pages. Click this link to open and download the PDF file.

Click the image below to open/download the PDF photo album illustrating which of all the products were designed by us.

See it by using this link

This training package of 96 training manuals, 53 authored by me (mainly concentrating on management principles, leadership principles and team leadership principles and techniques), will especially be helpful for persons aiming at career improvement, career advancement, career building, career progress, career progression or whatever one wants to name it.

We made sure that the four minimum essential topics for rapid career advancement, namely “strategic planning, performance management, team leadership principles and interviewer skills” are included in our 53 own designed training manuals. We also ensured that the five minimum essential financial topics for non-accountant business owners, are included from other sources as training manuals (“accounting principles, assessing financial performance, cash flow analysis, interpretation of financial statements and reading a balance sheet”).

To make good on our philosophy and mission of leadership development for managers, we have included the following training modules for members:

1. Training presentation topics: How to compile a business plan, how to control stock levels, how to do a job description professionally, how to do annual budgeting, how to do performance appraisals, how to do strategic planning, how to identify performance indicators, how to motivate capital professionally, how to solve problems with Ishikawa, project planning and execution, how to implement short interval control and understanding human behaviour in the workplace.

2. Short course training module topics: A professional approach to CV’s and cover letters, change management, conflict management, all about delegation, destructive versus constructive motivation, all about integrity, job interviewing process, leadership styles, participative management, possibility thinking techniques, presentation skills, strategic planning, how to streamline a system, tackling problems creatively, team building, the hierarchical differentiation of management work and functions, the relationship between creativity and attitude, leadership development, workplace productivity and safety, the integrated performance management blueprint, strategic planning as analysis and improvement process for all types of organisations, team leadership principles and traits to fulfil team leadership roles and responsibilities, the science of conducting effective meetings, model for running a business in the corporate world as blueprint for chief executives, senior managers and middle managers and interviewer skills for managers and supervisors.

3. Spreadsheet calculation models: Aggregate logistics planning for scheduling delivery of material, Ammortisation analysis by calculating present values, outstanding debt and future values, Breakeven analysis for calculating break even turnover to survive and break even for various profit levels, Cash flow projection for a rolling 12 month period, Customer service efficiency measuring service levels for job cards, deliveries and purchases, Equipment replacement point in time calculations.

4. Financial training manuals for non-accountant business owners and anyone else, who may need it for improved job competencies: Accounting principles, Assessing financial performance, Cash flow analysis, Interpretation of financial statements and Reading of a balance sheet.

Do not be overwhelmed by the sheer high quantity of products we provide. The purpose with so many products is for information to be available on a need to know basis. Again, others are there as complementary to some of the topics when you need to explore some more information. The most important to bear in mind is that you only have to master four key or crucial competencies to empower yourself with higher leadership quality.

If you are pressed for time and cannot click through all the image albums right now, click the image at the bottom of this page, to open and download the catalogue of products in PDF, for later retrieval from your device hard drive.

In summary, membership includes the following:

Number 1: All the products for our for our subscribers (120). To view the product images, see it in this photo album.

Number 2: All our leadership improvement products, which we have arranged into a PDF photo album. See it by using this link.

Number 3. All the products to encourage Entrepreneurship, which can be viewed inside a PDF photo album by clicking this link.

Number 4: Membership certificate. Delivery will be within 2 respite days.

Members will be able to complete and print out the certificate, frame it and put it on display at home, at work and any other prominent preferred place, announcing to the world that this member is improving his/her management and leadership capabilities. It is a certificate of membership and participation.

Worldwide career climbing club

GAFM Lifetime Membership once-off full payment of USA $60.00:

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Terms of service and refund policy:

1. Terms of Service: We sell and deliver mainly intangible digital products online in the form of software products and e-books. Our goods are immediately available for online download after successful payment.

2. Refund policy: It is our opinion that the nature of digital goods are such that they cannot be returned. Likewise any refunds can be unfair as there does not exist any sure way to return digital goods as counter performance. In other words there does not exist a fair or satisfactory legal remedy for the seller. We will only consider refunds under very exceptional circumstances.
Sometimes we are bound by contrary policies of payment processors, in which case we may retard delivery of bonuses, updates or part of packages, until guaranteed refund periods expire. We may apply the same procedure for subscription payments over a period, in case future payments dry up for some or other reason.

Due to the nature of these digital products and our inability to retrieve possession of the digital products back from you, we will not be offering any refunds for any reason. We do apologize, this is to prevent fraudulent purchasing of our product packages. Please be sure you really want this package prior to purchasing.

3. No refunds on this product: Therefore there will be no refunds for the purchase of this product.

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