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Membership of rapid work performance excellence.

Leadership improvement club.

How to create a culture of work performance excellence in the shortest time possible.

See how it can become a reality in this video of 12 minutes and 47 seconds:

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Improve your destiny with present-day decisions.

Inspire the best efforts from the human capital assets around you with team leadership skills.

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This website with its products and services, is for any person interested in improving workplace excellence, as employee or as employer.

We provide the tools, to create a culture of workplace excellence, rapidly.

All types of Government entities on all levels of governance are in dire need of these products.

All types of business entities on all levels are in dire need of these products.

In short, all sorts of organisation groupings are in dire need of these products.

Our four methodologies can be applied to an individual personal career path, a section, a department or a whole organisation.

  1. The first methodology is strategic planning, which is a scientifically proven method of analysing the internal and external environmental forces and changes, impacting an organisation. It also provides clarity for identifying the best directions, mission, vision, tactics, goals and objectives for organisation survival, growth and prosperity. It must be coveted as a regular ongoing process to keep the workforce focused on what is best for the organisation.
  2. The second methodology is the self-propelled performance management system, which makes the strategic plan with is goals and objectives, becomes alive as a living thing inside an organisation, from top to bottom.
  3. The third methodology is about the treatment of human beings as real human capital assets, who must make the organisation perform to reach its targets. We named it: “Understanding human behaviour in the workplace“. If one can grasp what make humans tick, it becomes easier to motivate, inspire and empower them.
  4. The fourth methodology is “Empowering oneself and others with creative thinking techniques” for continuous improvements to stay on the forefront with new technological developments and ideas, not only to outstrip the competition, but also outstrip our own expected abilities.
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We provide access to rapid work performance excellence on a worldwide basis.

Change the work culture overnight, with the rapid work performance excellence pack of four.

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All the details are revealed inside four E-guide publications.

1. Strategic planning as analysis and improvement process for all types of organisations:

Strategic planning e-guide e-cover

Easy and effective turnaround tactics and strategies for success in any type of organisation in the public or private sectors.

2. The self-propelled performance management system – our own design:

The self-propelled performance management system e-guide e-cover

It comes with six MP 4 video tutorials.

3. Understanding human behaviour in the workplace:

Understanding human behaviour in the workplace e-guide e-cover

This guide makes it easy to grasp what tactics make humans tick. Job enrichment, challenging tasks & objectives delegated to lower levels.

4. Empowering oneself and others with creative thinking techniques:

Creative thinking techniques e-guide e-cover

It comes with one MP 4 video tutorial.

This guide makes it easy to apply several lateral thinking techniques for problem-solving & new unique ideas and products.

Almost overnight readiness for Leadership 4! Leadership for the fourth industrial revolution!

Applying the right medicine and treatment for the patient!

The rapid work performance excellence pack of four:

Work excellence four e-guides e-covers

The four methodologies explained in these four e-guides illustrated above, can be implemented on any scale inside an organisation. It can be applied to a single section, a department, a whole organisation with subsidiaries or a conglomerate of organisations, inside the public sector and private sector.

The methodologies work for Governments, Private Businesses and any other type of Organisation Grouping.

Some of the benefits:

  • Successful actions appear like magic.
  • Lost time in unproductive meetings is something of the past.
  • Subordinates come up with own solutions instead of problems.
  • Problems or deviations from standards get fixed before reporting time.
  • Team leaders on all levels suddenly have more time for better planning.
  • Continuous improvement everywhere.
  • More unique ideas.
  • More unique products.
  • More unique services.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Employees bloom with more and higher motivation, inspiration & loyalty.
  • Organisation profits go sky high.
  • Reap the benefits fast!

After successful payment, you will receive a variety of at least 120 free products and shortly afterwards the products displayed above, just for starters!

Gift #1: Think bigger before it becomes too late in life – the magic of thinking bigger:

How to think bigger before it becomes too late in life e-guide e-cover

Backside of how to think bigger e-guide e-cover

Gift #2: The magic of thinking really, really big in the Internet era

The magic of thinking really big in the Internet era e-guide e-cover

Gift #3: Thinking bigger – keys to aiming higher and achieving bigger goals in life to realize your full potential:

Thinking bigger by aiming higher e-guide e-cover

Gift #4: Abundant thinking – achieving the rich dad mindset:

Abundant thinking to achieve the rich dad mindset e-guide e-cover

The four gifts displayed above will also be available to buyers, almost immediately, but after the rapid work performance excellence pack of four. 

Many other gifts waiting – many other surprise gifts related to career change, career growth and development of entrepreneurship!

These other gifts in our possession, will steadily be released over time in our monthly news magazine. We have it all – over 2000 e-guides covering many topics, subjects and hobbies.

Many adults are daily tediously grafting at their jobs with either a desire for promotion or to take the plunge and go from employee to employer!

Those who buy into this offer will soon find out that it was the best decision in a lifetime!

We do not want to bewilder prospective buyers by listing and displaying too many products, all at once.

Get it all for peanuts! Engaging media satisfying the interests & learning needs for adults, parents and their children of all ages – all this for small change!

But not for too long, as the price will steadily increase every month starting at $9.99! It is now at $29.99!

Prosperity awaits buyers under our tree. Prosperity for career junkies and team members! Prosperity for business owners and employees! Career growth as employee. Organisation productivity growth as employer.

Big things are waiting. Big things for career junkies and team members! Big things for business owners and employees! For those with the courage to take action.

Many healthy living e-guide gifts. Healthy living will boost energy, stamina, brain functions and body resistance against sicknesses.

Premature heart problem cartoon animation

Healthy lifestyle e-guide gifts. A healthy lifestyle will boost longevity. What is it worth to be filthy rich, but prematurely in the graveyard?

Late may be way too late. Increase earning potential before it becomes too late. Don’t wait too long – you may never catch up!

Want to buy in now? International award bestowed on me and my business for leadership quality in recent years. See the page “International award”.

Buy in now for a more healthy and wealthy lifestyle for yourself and other family members. Buy in now to prosper more into the future for a better life for yourself and those you care about. Just Search for the PayPal buy button inside the PDF brochure or on this web page.

Engaging monthly leadership E-magazine for paid members only! Pay only a small once-off lifetime fee to get unrestricted access to leading information, trends and free products other people will just crave for and have wishful dreams about.

Here are a few other examples of free gifts waiting inside our quarterly news magazine:

Three hundred things a bright boy can do:

Three hundred things a bright boy can do e-guide e-cover

Science in the kitchen:

Science in the kitchen e-guide e-cover

Beginners’ guide to agile product development:

Beginners' guide to agile product development e-guide e-cover

New product development methodology:

New product development methodology e-guide e-cover

Make money while you sleep or in your pajamas!

How to score high in exams:

How to score high in exams e-guie e-cover

How to score high in exams at High School, College and University. We are selling this one e-guide on Amazon for more than $25.00! This is the kick-start to everything else.

Retire young, retire rich:

Retire young retire rich e-guide e-cover

Retire young, retire rich from business opportunities. Discover the most prominent business opportunities and methods in the 21st century.

We are at your service for a free consultation and/or in-house training session. Attendees undergoing our in-house coaching, are automatically granted free membership and the benefits going along with it.

Pay only $29.99 through the secure servers of PayPal and get products worth thousands of dollars. The normal fee of $60.00 has now temporally been reduced to $29.99, but may already be higher. The best is to test it.

Please remember, we are here to help others to become more successful in life, no matter what career path you are following!

This is the big opportunity to orientate oneself to the requirements of leadership four, for workplace performance.

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 Stay on top of the fourth industrial revolution happenings, by joining this unique membership we are offering, so we can jointly share in these times of prosperity.

Pay only $29.99 through the secure servers of PayPal and get products worth thousands of dollars. The normal fee of $60.00 has now temporally been reduced to $29.99, which is peanuts in comparison to what can be gained from all the training modules in the first, second and third year of membership. Just think how it may influence your career progression and the accompanying prosperity!

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“A person in a position of authority can only be as good as the subordinates can make him/her”.

Quote: “Encourage and empower subordinates to empower yourself!”

Your success as manager or aspirant manager will depend greatly on the competencies of the human capital assets you manage.

Job enrichment for subordinates is the name of the second game!

Pay only $29.99, for now:

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The once-off fee of $29.99 will not last forever, but may go up soon!

As the saying goes: “The early bird catches the worm”.

Quote by Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends & Influence People: “About 15 percent of one’s financial success is due to one’s technical knowledge and about 85 percent is due to skills in human engineering – to personality and the ability to lead people.”

“We can show you the water, but cannot make you drink it”.

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