Shooting straight with handguns and rifles

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Shooting straight with handguns and rifles

Marksmanship with handguns and rifles

The illustrative marksmanship training manual will teach you how to shoot straight and on target. This training manual was compiled and authored by Pierre Du Plessis, an ex army infantry “sharpshooter” (what is named in the USA Armed Forces as a “Sniper”) and present designer of training manuals.

This illustrative manual will guide you through all the phases and intricacies to get your shooting straight on target. If you are serious about your shooting, you cannot go without this concise, illustrative and descriptive training guide.

Train yourself by following the scientific explanations and illustrations and apply it practically in nature or on the shooting range.

The text is designed for ready reference and contains the fundamentals of pistol and rifle marksmanship and the most advanced techniques known.

The data presented, represents a comprehensive coverage of the many facets of pistol and rifle marksmanship and related subjects. Portions of the information contained herein were obtained from the research of authoritative articles, personal interviews and observation of foreign competitions.

shooting straight e-guide imageTitle: Shooting straight with handguns and rifles

Table of contents (110 pages with illustrative photos and diagrams):

1. Composition and purpose of this manual
2. The eleven commandments of firearm safety
3. Components and functioning of the pistol
4. Introduction to the fundamentals: Pistol mechanisms, grip, stance and positions; rifle positions
5. Attaining a minimum arc of movement
6. Sight alignment
7. Zeroing in of your firearm
8. Trigger control
9. Establishing a system
10. Technique of slow fire
11. Preparatory self-test questions for chapters 1-10
12. Sources used
13. Author Bio

If one considers how crime is escalating in South Africa, the ability of self-defence against violent crimes becomes paramount.

This training manual will make it easier to understand and complete any prescribed practical training and theoretic examination faster, with much more ease of effort. It does not matter for what reason one wants to improve marksmanship, this manual will take one there!

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