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Learn how to start an online business with eBay

Get four e-book tutorials on conducting business on eBay.

1. The “Complete Moron’s” Guide to Selling on eBay:


Throughout the following pages I will show you steps to become a savvy eBay seller that even a complete moron can follow. If you wanted to know how to sell something (or many “somethings”) on eBay, and never knew where to get started, now you can learn!

This guide will take you through the entire process of selling on eBay Step-by-Step. From listing auctions one by one to listing by bulk, you will learn which shipping carriers to use, how to automate your business and more…

We will quickly explain eBay’s Turbo Lister Tool, and a few other 3rd party solutions that will create ease for you and your buyers.

This guide assumes that you have a basic understanding of internet technology, and that you already know how to navigate the internet.

Have you wondered how eBay makes their money? It’s simple. They charge you a listing fee for every item you list with them. They also charge you what’s called a “Final Value Fee” (FVF as they refer to it). The FVF has fluctuated over the years, but as of now, It is about 5% of what the auction’s highest bidder pays for the auction they win. So for example if your item sells for $100, then eBay would bill you $5.35. This is assuming you listed a standard auction without any enhancement options and the listing fee is $0.35. It is generally advised to pay your auction fees within 15 days, as eBay is pretty lenient, but if you push it past the 30 day mark, they can and will disable your ability to post further auctions, or even suspend your eBay account all together. This is unlikely, but it does happen. I always use their automatic billing option so they charge my credit card whenever there are fees due. This helps to avoid any problems that may rise in case I ever forget.

Some things I discuss may appear new to you or may require you to go visit a web page and perform an action. Don’t worry! Everything I share has been tested to be MORON PROOF. For your convenience, I have embedded links into some of the words in the context. Those words are “clickable” which means you can just go ahead and click on them instead of opening a new browser and typing in the URL, or go searching for answers at a search engine. You will recognize the clickable words easily because they are blue and underlined.

Learn the Secrets of the Power sellers and Start Your Journey To Success!

2. The Newbie guide to eBay success:

The newby guide to EBay success e-guide e-coverHow to Get Set up for eBay Selling Success

Chapter 1 What Is eBay And Where Did it Come From?
Chapter 2 The Possibilities
Chapter 3 What You Should Know Before You Get Started
-What To Sell?
-Different eBay Auction Types
-Learn To Talk Like an “E-Bayer“
-Buy Something
Chapter4 Posting Your First Auction in 5 Simple Steps
Chapter 5 An eBay Sellers Checklist
Chapter 6 What Is Your Reputation Really Worth?
Chapter 7 Use eBay To Build Your Other Business
Chapter 8 Auction Title Writing Tips
Chapter 9 Auction Description Writing Tips
Chapter 10 A PayPal Account Is A Necessity
Chapter 11 Part Time or Full Time.
How Do You Decide?

3. E-Bay power seller – The definitive guide to becoming an eBay power seller:

EBay power seller e-guide e-coverTable of contents:

p. 03 Introduction
p. 04 the history of eBay
p. 05 the benefits of being an eBay power seller
p. 07 the workings of eBay
p. 09 start selling
p. 11 seller registration
p. 17 listing your items
p. 24 writing descriptions that sell the item
p. 27 including photos in your eBay listing
p. 30 rules for selling
p. 32 eBay store fronts
p. 35 eBay administrative services
p. 36 what sells and what doesn’t sell
p. 40 finding items to sell
p. 44 finding a wholesaler
p. 46 building a power seller reputation
p. 49 selling techniques
p. 52 selling issues to avoid
p. 53 tool kits for eBay
p. 54 eBay pitfalls
p. 55 user agreement
p. 57 unauthorized copyright
p. 59 localized classifieds
p. 60 conclusion

4. Mining Gold from eBay:

Mining Gold from Ebay e-guide e-coverFinally Revealed: The secrets insiders use to earn the big bucks with online auctions!

Give Me 30 Minutes And I’ll Have You Ready To Start Your Own eBay Empire, Sell Dozens Of Items Each Day And Claim “Super seller” Status!

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Their secret isn’t in who they know, a college education, or finding investors. Their secret equalizes the playing field between people just like you and big businesses who USED to have a strangle hold on the market.

The magic tool that allows anyone a chance to make a full-time income from home? eBay!

You may have heard of eBay before. But can you really make a living from online auctions? Yes, it’s possible! In my report, I’ll reveal…

How a couple in Wyoming is raking in a whopping $600,000 a year off eBay!

How a commercial fisherman found a book in an antique shop (for $15) and quickly turned around and sold it on eBay for $198,000!

How a man from South Boston turned his $25 investment into a quick and painless $700.

I’ll show you how to practice insider selling techniques with things you already have lying around. Once you have some extra cash in your hands, you’ll be ready to learn where to find popular items in bulk for cheap.

The magic happens when you turn around and sell these hot products one at a time for massive profits!

Do you have extra “junk” around the house that you could auction off for profits?

All You Need Is Your Computer And Internet Connection to get started. You don’t have to buy any inventory to get started – just search through your house!

Start Part Time Or Full Time – unlike other business ventures, eBay makes it simple to get started without any need to quit your job or change your lifestyle.

Sell To Anyone Who Has An Internet Connection! eBay gives sellers an amazing opportunity to advertise their product around the world. Anyone who has an Internet connection can find your product on eBay!

Wait A Second, Is There Really Money To Be Made Selling Products On eBay And Other Auction Sites?

You Betcha! Just look at this…

More than 2.4 million people have made at least one purchase from one of the more than 300 Internet Auctions sites last year. Out of these more than 1.5 Million people have used eBay, and that number is growing every hour.

Sales during a recent 3-month period (second quarter 2005) alone have topped $541 million dollars from eBay alone.

There are over four million registered Internet auction users who have not bought anything yet! Get your auctions listed as soon as possible to start tapping this market!

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Have you heard about the auction riches every-day people have been discovering online?

It’s true, tons of regular folks are pocketing incredible amounts of money through the power of online auctions. The method to profits is the same – buy low and sell high.

The good news is – online auction sites (like eBay) have made this easier than ever before!

An ordinary gadget that would sit on the shelf at the local thrift shop for years at $1.89 amazingly flies off the auction block for $15.00 (or even higher) all day long!

But before you can become an expert on selling on eBay, you’ve got to start with the basics. That’s what my report is all about! In just a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to setting up your first auction.

Before you know it, you may too be making incredible profits on eBay!

On eBay, one of the largest Internet Auction Sites, more than 250,000 new items are listed every week. And a whopping 600 new bids are made every minute!

How To Create Successful Auctions And Profit!

You can start to learn the tips, tricks, and techniques only the pros use in just minutes from my report. Just look at what you’ll find inside….

The number one difference between eBay auctions and the rest.

How eBay ensures that both parties, buyer and seller, walk away happy.

What you can and cannot sell on eBay.

How to collect payments from your buyers automatically!

The number one payment service (most all e-Bayer’s use) that acts just like a bank.

How to protect yourself from potential fraud with one word – “Escrow.”

The best way to practice selling on eBay (without the risks).

5 rules to scouting out products likely to be hot sellers!

Buying strategies of the super eBay sellers!

The secret of bidding to win. 5 secret weapon tips that will ensure you come out on top.

8 types of auctions you can use on eBay. Which one is right for you?

Why eBay allows for the best market research anywhere. Last 90 days are an open book.

8 tips to follow when setting up buyer rules.

6 rules to writing great auction content.

What to do when an auction goes horribly wrong. And believe me, that’s far from all.

Warning: If You’re Not Selling On eBay Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later!

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“Bid or Buy tutorial”: “Bid or Buy” is the South African equivalent of eBay. Once you have mastered E-Bay, you will find Bid or Buy as easy as pie!


Pierre Du Plessis

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