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Successful birthday parties for kids

Posted by: | Posted on: Nov 29, 2018

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Successful birthday parties for kids header

Successful birthday parties for kids

Successful birthday parties for kids in a combo of four e-guides, enabling parents to create unforgettable birthday parties for kids.

1. Successful birthday parties for kids, with MP 3 audio:

Successful birthday parties for kids e-guide

Table of Contents (31 pages)


Chapter 1: Birthday Party Checklist

Chapter 2: Tips for Success

  • Planning the Big Day
  • The Guest List
  • Setting a Time Limit
  • Choosing Your Theme
  • Fun and Games
  • Have a Backup Plan
  • Ground Rules
  • Pinatas
  • Ask for Help
  • Make a List
  • Keeping Memories
  • Social Skills
  • Memorialize the Event

Chapter 3: Birthday Party Invitations

  • Themes
  • Sending Out Your Invitations
  • Chapter 4: Choosing a Party Theme
  • Ideas for Themes
  • Off Site Parties
  • At Home Parties

Chapter 5: Party Games and Activities

  • Teenagers
  • Ideas for Games and Activities
  • Animal Game
  • Design Your Own Name Tag Activity
  • Butterfly Crafts Activity
  • Bob the Builder Activity
  • The Toothpick Marshmallow Tower Game
  • Musical Chairs
  • Boat Race Game
  • The Mining Game
  • Spoon Walk
  • Sock Game
  • Balloon Burst
  • Mystery and Murder Mystery Games
  • Successful Birthday Parties for Kids
  • Indoor Golf Ball Croquet Game
  • Karaoke Contest
  • Dressed for Work Game
  • Pass the Orange or Tennis Ball
  • Bubble Gum Game
  • Build Your Own Maze Activity

Chapter 6: Birthday Party Food

  • Snacks and Dips

Chapter 7: Birthday Party Favours

  • Be Creative
  • Standbys
  • Activities for Party Favours


2. Kids best Easter Party surprise, with MP 3 audio:

Kids Easter party surprise e-guide

TABLE OF CONTENT (22 pages):

1. Planning a Perfect Easter Kids Party
2. Send Attractive Kids Party Invitations
3. Best Ideas for Easter Kids Party Decorations
4. Organizing Funny & Pleasant Games for Kid

  • Kids Egg Hunt Game
  • Egg Head Game
  • Reverse Egg Hunt Game
  • Easter Guessing Game
  • Easter Memory Game

5. Know the Different Easter Recipes
6. Organizing the Special Easter Dinner
7. Learn How to Make Easter Crafts for Kids

  • Tips to make Easter Eggs
  • Tips to make Easter Egg Doll
  • Tips to make easy Easter Bunny Mask

8. Perfect Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
9. Conclusion

3. Twenty-two party games for children, with some extra games not covered inside the first e-guide:

22 Party games for children e-guide

Table of contents for 22 party games for children:

  1. Chinese whispers
  2. Pass the Parcel
  3. Pass the Parcel with forfeits
  4. The Chocolate (or Jelly) Game
  5. Musical Chairs
  6. Memory Game
  7. Musical Statues
  8. Listen and Move
  9. Postman’s Knock
  10. Port and Starboard
  11. British Bulldog
  12. Mummies
  13. Stations
  14. Pass the Orange
  15. Sleeping Pirate
  16. Balloon Pop
  17. Balloon Relay
  18. Toy Walk
  19. Whistling Crackers
  20. Can You Guess
  21. Stuck in the Mud
  22. Ducky Ducky

4. Kiddies’ Birthday Parties with 25 theme explanations.

Kiddies birthday parties with 25 themes e-guide e-cover

Table of Contents for Kiddies’ Birthday Parties with 25 theme explanations (55 pages):

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Must Know Birthday Party Secret Tips
  • Chapter 3 – Birthday Party Checklist
  • Chapter 4 – Perfect Birthday Party Invitations
  • Chapter 5 – Choosing the Perfect Birthday Party Theme
  • Chapter 6 – Perfect Party Games and Activities
  • Chapter 7 – Perfect Birthday Party Food
  • Chapter 8 – Perfect Birthday Party Favours
  • Chapter 9 – Conclusion

Chapter 10 – Addendum – 25 birthday party themes in more detail:

  1. A Birthday Party at the Scene of the Crime
  2. A Casino Night to Remember Birthday Party
  3. A Circus Birthday Bash Worthy of the Big Top
  4. A Night at the Drive in Birthday Party
  5. A Pirate of a Birthday Party
  6. A Tie Dyed Birthday Bash
  7. An Egyptian Themed Birthday Party
  8. Bring the Barbecue to the Birthday Party
  9. Camping Birthday Party Ideas
  10. Classic Movie Birthday Party Theme
  11. Hollywood Birthday Party Theme for Teens
  12. Laser Tag Birthday Party
  13. Mission Possible – Spy Birthday Party
  14. Over the Hill Birthday Party Ideas
  15. Pajama Birthday Party
  16. Reality Television makes for Great Birthday Parties
  17. Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party for Teens
  18. Star Wars Birthday Party
  19. Sweet 16 Birthday Party
  20. Teddy Bear Birthday Party Theme
  21. The Margaritaville Birthday Theme Party
  22. The Perfect Birthday Party for your Little Princess
  23. The Wild-wild West Birthday Bash
  24. Throwing a Mardi Grass Birthday Bash
  25. Train Birthday Party for the Little Ones

All four E-guides come in PDF file format.

Pay only $19.97; no, let’s reduce it to $9.97, through the secure servers of PayPal. If you do not see the credit cards at PayPal, come back again and click the order button firmly a second time. Pay only $9.97!


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Be the Coolest Person to Your Kids – Discover the Secrets to Throwing the Ultimate Birthday Party and Hear Your Kids Say That Was the Best Birthday Party Ever!

Everyone wants their child to have a fantastic birthday party and be able to take those memories with them throughout life. “Successful Birthday Parties for Kids!” will give you all the tools needed to accomplish this. Anyone who values a child will love this e-guide combo of four. It makes a great present for an expectant mother or anyone who does any planning for children birthday parties.

But best yet, all of these e-guides can easily be used in planning for any kind of child party, like Valentines, Halloween, Easter, slumber parties, summer pool parties, whatever the occasion! These useful tips and guidelines will have party planning something you look forward to, rather then dread.

Included in this combo of four e-guides are two MP 3 audio files, which means one can listen to it, while doing something else like gardening. Also included is a Resell Rights License allowing the buyer to resell all four e-guides! You won’t find this graciousness anywhere else, guaranteed!

One can become the best parent in the eyes of the children in one’s community, with this combo of four products displayed below:


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Pay only $9.97 through the secure servers of PayPal:


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