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Minimum membership products over the first 18 months.

1. First six months training modules video slideshow.

Creativity Orientation skills for the fourth industrial revolution:


The first six months training modules slideshow can also be downloaded as a PDF file. It provides enlarged viewing of images.

Extra first six months surprise for members:

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2. Second six months training modules video slideshow.

Online and offline Entrepreneurship skills for the fourth industrial revolution:

The second six months training modules slideshow can also be downloaded as a PDF file. It provides enlarged viewing of images.

3. Third six months training modules video slideshow.

Mentoring/Coaching skills to train subordinates for the fourth industrial revolution:

The third six months training modules slideshow can also be downloaded as a PDF file. It provides enlarged viewing of images.

Most of us have been played in life. That’s right.

The whole “Be a good little boy/girl. Get good grades. Got to college. Find a good job. Put away money into your retirement account and you’ll be just fine.” This charade is collapsing right under our noses.

We’ve been PLAYED. We’ve been lead to believe that happiness and security were waiting for us if only we did as we were told.

If only we followed the path laid out for us, we’d be OK.

But surveys show 1 in 3 Americans have no retirement savings. Surveys show most Americans don’t have even $1,000 in their bank account. And this may sound crazy…but surveys show that only 20% of Americans are free of debt.

Horrifying stats…but honestly, not surprising.

Not when millions of students nationwide borrow as much as $40 thousand A YEAR, with the dream of getting a degree that’s supposed to open doors for them…

Only to see themselves having to go back to their parents place because there just aren’t any jobs for their line of work.

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems like every decent paying job is either being replaced by automation through software or robots, or it’s being shipped overseas so companies can save a few dollars on payrolls.

When you have gone though all the training modules, you will have gained all the knowledge to start your own business consultancy service, anywhere in the world. In fact, it can happen as soon as your first six months of membership is completed. It all depends on how you want to apply your knowledge.

You can become any of the following, no matter what qualifications you may have at the start of your membership:

A business training consultant
A business coaching consultant
A business mentoring consultant
A problem-solving consultant
A professional performance management consultant
A professional presenter or speaker
A professional business turnaround strategist
A successful business owner
A successful business shareholder

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It will all depend on your own efforts and willpower.

It’s no wonder that a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute, “Poorer than their Parents: Flat or Falling Incomes in Advanced Economies,” shows a drastic trend in declining incomes for middle class workers. The report found that as much as 70% of households saw their earnings drop in the past decade.

To put it bluntly: Those who had been taught to expect their wealth to grow through as long as they obediently follow society’s path of chose, have learned that this promise is a lie.

And you know what? This is not your fault. We’ve all been played!

But it IS your RESPONSIBILITY to do something about it and guarantee that you and your family will NOT be played anymore.

The first step is to embrace this truth… and to understand the MASSIVE importance of the question I am asking now: “What’s the BIGGEST lie we’ve been fed by our government and ruling classes?”

I hope you’re ready to swallow a BIG dose of harsh reality, because I’m giving you the answer here on this page right now. And it’ll be a tough pill to swallow.

The Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told. The information here may just be what you need to transform your life.

Take your hobby/craft item to the Internet. Take your one-of-kind e-book, painting or some or other design to the web and explode your sales.

Don’t become a poor, suffering pensioner. Anyone can improve their own position in life. 

“Be vigilant and take timely steps to cloth yourself with entrepreneurship skills and knowledge. Enable yourself beforehand for a successful own business start-up, before it becomes too late! Don’t get caught with your pants down, so to speak.” At the moment the offered value in products is way too high for the asking price. The true value is more likely in the region of $10 000.00! So, do not wait too long!

Membership can start on any day of the year.

Membership may also be of help to some of the older generation. It may transform some from a position of golden years poverty to golden years prosperity.

Leadership development mainly consists of the following:

Conscious efforts of character building through self-induced ideals, based on high ethical and moral values, which shines through as part of one’s psychological make-up. It can start from a young age as a continuous process.

Learning scientifically researched and proven analysis and decision-making techniques like strategic planning, project planning and team leadership principles, to improve leadership expertise for successful direction and result outcomes through a group of people. It is also a continuous process.

The big question everyone in an organisation must ask and answer is:

“Am I giving more back to my organisation (in the form of monetary impact of efforts) than what I take out of the organisation as total monthly remuneration (total cost to company)?”

This is the question, which can make many overcompensated employees very uneasy and worried about their positions and make them start to consider the benefits of a performance management system or try to avoid it at all costs.

Is my organisation making a loss on their investment in me?

Are you ready for leadership 4? See the first few seconds of the 28 minutes video:

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