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Posted by: | Posted on: Sep 20, 2017

Career building success factors

Career building success factors

Career building success depends on four career building factors or pillars

This is where you may indeed stumble upon all the tools you may need to build and promote any career and where we believe the pen is mightier than the sword.

1. Career building factor one – Occupational technical job knowledge

Occupational technical job knowledge is achieved through obtaining academic qualifications in a specific area of specialization like finance, marketing, engineering, production or an artisanship, as examples, combined with extra learning through on the job experience over time. Academic qualifications can normally be obtained at Universities, Colleges, Technical Institutions, formal Internal and External Courses. To stay on top of one’s subject of expertise, one will regularly have to attend seminars and courses and subscribe to the relevant Journals and Magazines and belong to the relevant professional Institutions and Institutes. This career builder of academic qualifications, is about learning scientific methods and scientific principles in a specific technical area.

2. Career building factor two – Management skills

In order to manage one’s own job and people efficiently, one  must acquire the necessary management skills by attending internal and external courses and seminars about development of management skills. Normally there are three levels of courses, namely one for Supervisory Management (understanding the functions of planning, organising, controlling and leading), one for Middle Management (understanding management functions and participative management principles) and one for Senior Management (understanding strategic planning and execution). It is advisable to muster all three levels of management principles for efficient execution of all one’s responsibilities, liabilities and operations. This career builder of management skills, is about efficient execution of organisation operations

3. Career building factor three – Leadership skills

In order to lead people effectively, one must also acquire the necessary leadership skills by attending internal and external courses and seminars about development of leadership skills to be able to motivate, improve and monitor performance of people in the right way for increased productivity and morale. One must therefore be knowledgeable about leadership styles, leadership principles and team building principles. It is about earning respect and followers with your display of leadership knowledge for effective performance improvement. This career builder of leadership skills, is about creating effective organisation performance.

4. Career building factor four – Personality traits

There are many personality traits, which can influence one’s career progress negatively or positively. One can, however, work on them to improve them. Personality traits are to a great degree dependant on one’s emotional development level, upbringing influences, exposure to cultural customs, educational influences, workplace experiences, exposure to motivational knowledge and one’s own willpower. Personality traits are things like perseverance, commitment, loyalty, openness, trustworthiness, self-discipline, sincerity, honesty, creativity, ability to cope with change and political issues and a lot of others, which make up one’s character, level of integrity and the way subordinates, peers and superiors perceive oneself. This career builder of personality traits, is about personal emotional growth to earn respect.

In summary one can say that academic qualifications alone, are not near enough to guarantee career progress. Academic qualifications must further be enhanced with the other career building factors like management skills, leadership skills and acceptable personality traits, to cloak oneself with enough wisdom and character. Firstly, it is for the sake of improvement in individual performance and group performance and secondly, for career promotion. Normally one must first perform to earn career promotion. Therefore, your subordinates must perform to make your own performance higher and stronger (management, leadership and team building principles).

Self-improvement in team leadership skills will dramatically increase the chances of vertical (existing employer) and horizontal (external employers) job promotion, as well as business owner success, in any economic cycle, as competitors with these skills are relatively few.

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