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Visitor survey of choosing one of eleven publications

First choice publication survey by visitors

We have listed 11 e-guides on this page.

The first six e-guide titles are about job related issues:

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1. Learning secrets amazing study tips
2. How to use your mind for study
3. Learn how to become a team leader of creative influence
4. Learn how to become an effective team leader and how to transfer the same skills to other team members
5. The hierarchical differentiation of management functions
6. Evaluate leadership qualities of an organisation with four questionnaires

The next 5 e-guide titles are about farming topics:

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7. Organic crop production overview
8. Start a farm in the city
9. Finding land to farm in the city
10. Farmer’s compost handbook
11. A vegetable garden for all

We devised this survey for our joined members, who have joined on our home page through a donation process, who are also entering a lucky draw competition of winning 2112 superb images. That survey on another page is slightly different, where they must make 5 choices.

We are, however, extending the survey to casual visitors also, who happen to view this page, to also contribute to the survey by leaving comments.

Here is the question readers must answer:

“If the reader can get one of the publications for free, which one of the eleven publications listed above will it be? Please identify it in your comments with a number and state why it will be a first choice”.

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